Budding Poets

Primary 4 have been working on some trout related learning activities.

Working together to create a ‘Rivers’ poem

The class worked together to create similes, metaphors, and adjectives to make up a poem about Rivers.


Rivers are…

Rivers are as cold as an iceberg,

They hold many species, including the fast Brown Trout.

Under the surface the solid rocks give shelter to the young fish,

while rain drops dance on the surface.

Fierce predators lurk in caves as dark as charcoal,

Watch out Brown Trout or you will be gulped!


Brown Trout!

Some trout are a rainbow of colour,

but the Brown trout is somewhat duller!

Its skin is as smooth as a snake and its fins are as sharp as a rake!

Its scales are slimy, slippery and wet,

They had better watch out for the fisherman’s net!


Brilliant Benefits

Rivers are brilliant and they are great,

They help to put meals on a plate!

Keep Rivers safe, clean and clear of plastic

as polluting the River would be really drastic!


Working on bar graphs

The class  learning how to draw bar graphs and the important features that should be included when drawing out bar graphs.