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Lucky Us!

Today Brian from SRUC was kind enough to bring in two very special visitors from his home farm.  We were introduced to Abbie and Jethro, his seven week old lambs.

They were wonderful guests (they even brought their own milk) and we would welcome them back anytime!

Thank you Brian!

oyster-catchers-need-moreIn amongst all of this excitement we also welcomed a new addition to our playground family. 

Oystercatcher birds knew that Whitelees was such a safe and welcoming environment that they chose to create a nest in our playground and one of the eggs hatched today. 

We used binoculars to check up on the little one’s progress, and were hugely entertained by it’s antics.  It’s poor parents have their work cut out, as the new bird kept running around to explore and it’s parents had to try to keep up!



Our Power Off and Learn Outdoors Days were a HUGE success!

Thankfully the weather was kind to us and the rain clouds stayed away!

The children were outdoors all day participating in various activities such as freestyle cycling and scootering, using natural materials to decorate Easter eggs, making natural potions using nature’s garden, using their senses to write poems, taking part in a scavenger hunt and an obstacle course to name but a few!

The children loved learning outdoors and we hope they all slept soundly after their day in the fresh air!



As you will be aware our Power Off and Learn Outdoors (P.O.L.O) Days are running on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Primary 4 – 7 should come to school tomorrow dressed for all the fun in their outdoor clothes appropriate for the weather, no school uniform please.

Primary 1 – 3 should do the same on Wednesday.  They should also bring their bike or scooter to school.  Please remember to also bring a helmet for this activity or they will not be permitted to take part.

We look forward to all the fun the outdoors has to offer.

Wildlife Area in our School Grounds

Recently Primaries 5/6, 6, 7a & 7b have taken part in designing and creating an outdoor nature area, as part of our Outdoor Learning opportunities.  We took the time to make plans for what our area would look like, then gathered all of the natural materials to create the area. 

Unfortunately, we had to delay our plans due to the amount of litter in that part of our school grounds.  The litter may have been blown in through the fence from the lane leading to Lilac from Whitelees.  We have since cleared the area of cans, bottles, crisp packets, carrier bags and cardboard.  This allowed us to proceed.



A dog could cut it’s tongue on a piece of glass!

A hedgehog could get it’s head stuck in a tin can!

A fox could get it’s head stuck in the plastic that attaches beer cans!

A bird could choke on a crisp wrapper!


We hope this won’t happen in our wildlife area but we need your help!

Please be aware of any litter in the area surrounding our school playground.  If you could always put your litter in a bin that would make such a huge difference to our wildlife. 

Thank You! From Primary 5/6


Dig In Day Success!


thank you,thank you,thank you


…to the many people who turned up today and helped make our Dig In Day such a phenomenal success! Everyone’s hard work has paid off as our outdoor space is not only stunning but can now offer many new and exciting learning opportunities for our boys and girls!

We can not wait until Monday morning to see and hear your reactions to the new and much improved areas of our school grounds!



A great job, well done!!!!