Lucky Us!

Today Brian from SRUC was kind enough to bring in two very special visitors from his home farm.  We were introduced to Abbie and Jethro, his seven week old lambs.

They were wonderful guests (they even brought their own milk) and we would welcome them back anytime!

Thank you Brian!

oyster-catchers-need-moreIn amongst all of this excitement we also welcomed a new addition to our playground family. 

Oystercatcher birds knew that Whitelees was such a safe and welcoming environment that they chose to create a nest in our playground and one of the eggs hatched today. 

We used binoculars to check up on the little one’s progress, and were hugely entertained by it’s antics.  It’s poor parents have their work cut out, as the new bird kept running around to explore and it’s parents had to try to keep up!