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We are looking forward to new learning!

New P1’s for August came to visit today and were talking about what they are looking forward to doing in school.

Louie is looking forward to learning the ABC song

Olivia and Leah are looking forward to learning to write

Alysha is looking forward to reading story books

Logan is looking forward to learning numbers and counting to 1000.

Noah, Luke, Sheryl & Harry-James are looking forward to fishing for Phonics.

We look forward to seeing you all again next week.

  Don’t forget to bring your adult with you as we have lots to tell them about too!

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New Intake Visit!

Our new Primary 1 children for August, visited us today and were learning about the alphabet!  They are all very smart as they were able to read lots of signs and show off their literacy talents. 

“I liked the fish game, when I hooked up the ‘o’ ” – Oliver

” My Name begins with E!” – Eilidh

“I like the S for Sophie, my big sister!” – Jack


Our Primary 1’s were great teachers and are all set to be the perfect Chums!

“I’m showing Abbie how to do it” – Ewan

“Mrs Oliver, look at what Harvey is doing!” – Jamie

“It’s cool and I get to help people” – Leah

” I showed Abbie how to make ‘at’ ” -Aiden


We look forward to seeing you again next Wednesday 13th for a Purposeful Play session!