I look in the mirror and what do I see?

Today our pupils were encouraged to be positive about their own reflection and appreciate themselves as much more than what they or others see on the surface. 

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A few shared their thoughts…

” I see freckles!”  – Holly– ” I am really good at gymnastics”

” I have a beautiful face” – Enya – ” I’m great at reading”

” I see my mouth” – Erin ” I’m wonderful at dancing”

” I have loads of spots” – Zoe – ” I try my best at everything”

” I have nice eyes” – Alia – ” I am fantastic at acting”


Some of the children commented on how hard it can be to say nice things about yourself as there are so many things we can say to compliment others.  It can feel that we are showing off or being self centred to say something positive but when we have a chance to think about it, it’s okay to remind yourself and others of what it means to be YOU!

BUT…just don’t say too much about yourself in case you stop recognising what makes others great!

P.A.Th.S time gives us a chance to hear about what makes us special!