Online School Payments

You will need a unique IpayImpact Account Reference Number for each of your children in order to use Online Payments.  This is available from the School Office through calling 01236 794888.

Online Payments for School Meals and other School Purchases

Online payments have been introduced in all schools across North Lanarkshire to provide parents/carers with more convenient and flexible methods of payment for school expenses.  This service will also allow pupils to reduce the amount of cash they carry to school and help reduce administration and cash handling in schools.  Cash and cheque payments can still be made in the same way as at present.

The new safe and secure payment system, called iPayImpact, has been introduced in this school.   In addition to being able to pay online for school uniform, trips and other school expenses, this system links directly with the catering management system.  As soon as you add funds for school meals, the money will immediately be available for your child/children to spend in the school canteen.

If you set up an online account, whether you pay online or not you will be able to see the balance on your child/children’s school meal account and what they have purchased with the funds, you will also be able to see what trips etc. are available to them and what balances require payment.

How do I pay online?


For you to use the online payment service, you need to register with MyAccount, the simple and secure sign-in service for accessing online public services in Scotland.  It provides people living in Scotland with the ability to set up an online account and use it – using a single user name and password to access a growing range of online public services.

Go to and select make a payment.  If you already have a myaccount click on the Sign-In logo and log in with your MyAccount details.  If you don’t already have a MyAccount, setting up an online account involves a simple registration process, to do this click on the Register logo.  Once you’ve registered by providing a minimal amount of information, including about you and where you live, you’ll be sent two emails; one with a username and another with a one-time use password.

To ACTIVATE your account you need to click on the link provided in this email.  You will then be able to Login using the user name and one time use password provided.  Once you sign in, you’ll be prompted to create a new password.

Once logged into iPayImpact, you will be asked to enter:

  • Child Account Ref – contact the school office on 01236 794888 and ask for your child / children’s  iPayImpact Unique Reference Number(s)
  • Once you have added the first reference number, you can then add accounts for your other children (if you have more than one child at the school)
  • Go to Child Accounts on the menu – your first child will be displayed.
  • Click on the ‘Link a New child Account‘ Button
  • Enter the Child Account Reference number for your other child/children


  • Go to the home page and add items you wish to pay for into the basket
  • Proceed to Checkout

You will be directed to the Capita secure payment gateway where you can enter your debit or credit card details.  You will receive an email receipt of your payment once it has been authorised.


Should you have any questions on the above, please contact:

The School                   Mrs Lees                       Telephone 01236 794888

Catering Office             Pamela Ross                Telephone 01236 856477