Holy Cross Primary


Children learn best in a safe, secure and positive environment and staff, parents and children all have a role to play in creating and supporting such settings. Each child has the right to expect courtesy and respect and, in turn, has a responsibility to respond similarly to their peers and to all adults within the school.

Holy Cross Primary seeks to establish and maintain high standards of behaviour across all stages of the school. A strong emphasis is placed on the recognition, encouragement and rewarding of positive behaviour through Star of the Week, the House system and on-going, daily use of praise by all members of staff. At times, sanctions may need to be applied to children who do not respond to the school’s positive behaviour strategies and who find themselves falling below the standards of behaviour and conduct expected within the school. In order to be effective, these sanctions are applied fairly and consistently across the whole school community.

Holy Cross Primary staff encourage the children to respect themselves, respect others and respect property. Staff share their behaviour expectations with all children, ensuring these are tailored appropriately to their age, particular working practices and class routines.

Engaging learning activities, appropriately differentiated work, good classroom organisation and effective teaching methods are key to keeping pupils engaged and motivated and to maintaining good behaviour. Classrooms within Holy Cross are organised to promote order and minimise disruption and uncertainty. They also aim to be stimulating environments which develop independence and initiative. Furniture is carefully and thoughtfully arranged and pupils have suitable and easy access to resources and learning materials. Wall displays are current and lively and help develop self-esteem through children’s contributions being recognised, visible and valued.


Each week, Class Teachers will nominate a pupil from their class to be awarded a Star Pupil certificate at assembly. This can be given for positive behaviour, excellent work, improvement in a given area, outstanding manners, good effort, etc. The reason for the award being given will be written on the reverse side of the certificate.

The ‘Wii’ is awarded weekly by the Head Teacher (in consultation with staff) to the class that has demonstrated outstanding behaviour and effort or who have shown the greatest improvement or sense of team work. The winning class are given the ‘Wii’ for a full week as a reward for their success.

There are six Houses in Holy Cross: Grainger, McColgan, Logan, Murray, Jamieson and Hoy. During House meetings children gather together from all stages of the school to focus on a particular ‘value’ e.g. charity, respect. Children can be awarded House points for demonstrating the value as well as for good behaviour both in and out of the classroom. Points are added up each month and the winning House will be awarded an extra play time by the Head Teacher.

In addition to the whole-school rewards system, individual Class Teachers are free to use their own rewards strategies such as group points and stickers.


The school operates a ‘traffic light’ system to manage pupil behaviour. ‘Traffic lights’ are displayed on all classroom walls, along with each child’s name. Sanctions are clearly displayed next to the traffic lights so that pupils are fully aware of the consequences of their actions. Sanctions are as follows:

  1. Non-verbal warning (child stays on the green light)
  2. Verbal warning (name moved to amber light)
  3. ‘Time Out’ within classroom (name remains on amber light)
  4. Name moved to the red light
  5. Referral to Head Teacher
  6. Detention
  7. Phone call/letter home

Traffic lights are continually monitored by the Management Team during routine visits to classrooms. Children who consistently display inappropriate behaviour meet with the Head Teacher to discuss their behaviour and agree on targets for improvement. If necessary, parents/carers are contacted.

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