Àrd Ìre

The Higher Gàidhlig Course develops pupils’ ability to listen, read, talk and write in Gaelic, and to understand, analyse and evaluate texts in the contexts of literature, language, media and culture. Pupils develop the ability to create and produce texts and to apply knowledge of language, and develop knowledge and understanding of Gaelic cultural heritage and the cultural heritage of others.


Suggested Reading List 

An Duine Dubh by Iain Crichton Smith

Bùrn by Iain Crichton Smith

An Coigreach by Iain Crichton Smith

Na h-Eilthirich by Iain Crichton Smith

Air an Somme by Dòmhnall Ruadh Chorùna


Course Presentations

Air an Somme

An Duine Dubh

foghnaidh na dh fhoghnas

Na h-Eilthirich

Sean Fhacail

Ann an agus mo

Bi bidh bith ????

Mòrag MacNeil air Bùrn

Burn Duilleagan Obrach