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Nintendo DSis – Eastfield Primary


Our school is currently trying to update the teaching of I.C.T. and the hardware available to use in class.  When I decided to loan out the DSis the school had placed an order for IPads but only had laptops and Desktops timetabled to classes.  Therfore I wanted to loan the DSis to give more opportunities to my class and other pupils in school to use technology to enhance their learning.

How ICT supported learning and teaching

Primarily I used the DSis as a finishing task, where the pupils could practise their quick mental maths and reading skills on the Brain Training.  I rotated the DSis arounf the groups in the class so that everyone was given an opportunityto practise and ‘beat their brain age’.  As the IPads arrived in school I was then able to give more pupils the chance to use I.C.T. as a finishing/consolidation task.

Impact / conclusion

Pupils were more engaged in their finishing task when using the DSi as they saw it as luxury or playing a game – even though they were still learning.  It was also clear to see pupils helping one another and working together (pairing up and sharing a DSi) to get a better score or result.  The class loved the chance to use the DSis and I am sure they will have the same enthusiasm with the new school IPads.


Sacred Heart Primary Nintendo Dsis

The Nintendo DSis were initially requested by our school ICT Committee, which is a group of about 50 pupils from P1 to P7 which meets once a month. One of the aims of the ICT Committee is to increase the use and variety of ICT to support learning and pupils felt that using the equipment could help them to improve their learning, particularly their mental maths agility. The ICT committee trained each other and staff on how to use the nintendo DSis and discussed ways that they could be used in class. The equipment was then timetabled for each class in the school. These are just a couple of examples of how the DSis were used to engage learners and enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Primary 1 used the DSis to practise their addition facts to 10.

Primary 6 and 7 worked collaboratively and used the DSis to improve their spelling skills.

‘We scrambled words and wrote a message to our partner on pictochat. Our partner unscrambled the word and sent it back.’ P6/7 pupil

To gauge the response of staff and pupils to the use of the Nintendo DSis and their  impact on teaching and learning the staff responsible for the ICT Committee issued evaluations. All evaluations were very positive and all staff commented on the positive impact using the equipment had on the learning experience and stated that it was a powerful tool in engaging all pupils actively in their learning. For example, “I used it during maths. It was good for quick practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. My support group enjoyed it and they were able to answer questions mentally which they wouldn’t normally answer orally.”P5 teacher.

“I liked braintraining because it is a fun way to learn lots of different things in different ways.” P4 pupil

Improving our Mental Maths at St Bernadette’s Primary

As a staff, we felt it would be beneficial to widen the learning experiences offered to our children through the use of ICT, particularly in the area of maths.  As a result, we decided to ‘trial’ the use of DS consoles, during mental maths time, with some of our P4-7s.

All children responded very positively to the use of these in class. The children were very excited at the prospect of using the DSis. Since only a few children in each class had never used a DSi, initial instruction in their use was straightforward and the more experienced users were able to support the others.

The equipment was used to motivate learners and to develop skills in maths through the Brain Training activities. The main purpose of using the DSis with our children was to support them in developing mental agility in order to assist and improve their work in numeracy. The nature of the games in the Brain Training programme helped the children to do this. This was particularly evident during quick fire multiplication, addition and subtraction games used in whole class or group situations.  In some classes, the children recorded their scores and set themselves personal targets to meet. They were also used at other times of the school day/week and had a positive impact on behaviour for many children.

I would recommend the use of DSis in order to support and develop mental agility. The children enjoyed trying to improve their brain ages and responded positively to the challenge that the game presented.

Overall, the DSis were a powerful motivational tool for nearly all children and a positive experience for all staff who used them.

Mrs McLaughlin

Nintendo DS at Cathedral Primary School

Our P7 pupils took great delight in being able to borrow the Nintendo DS consoles again.  They all responded positively to them and all felt that their mental agility had improved as a result.  They all felt that they could add and multiply much quicker as a result of using them.

‘Our favourite game was Low and High.  We liked that it timed us – it made us work faster.’

‘We really like the Times Table game.  It really helped us with our times tables.’

‘This is our favourite type of active maths!’

These boys said ‘We really liked using the nintendos, they helped with our mental calculations.’

Holy Family Primary School

During this term we have been using the Nintendo DSi as part of our active maths. Primary 4 children have particularly enjoyed having them as part of the lesson and are finding ways to challenge themselves.  Other classes have borrowed the equipment and children are making very positive comments.  It is encouraging to witness children actively engaged in their learning.  Many thanks

Primary 6/7 pupils made some comments:-

” The DS has great games to help you learn better” Saffa

“The DS is a fun and enjoyable way to learn” Ciaran

“The DS helps you learn in a fun way, it is better”  Martin

“They help with maths and because of the technology you want to use it more”


“The DS was great, helped speed up my maths”  James

Concentration from John!
Talking...without noise!
I just don't want to be 78!

Thank you for allowing us to make maths fun, Ann Le Blond P6/7 teacher.

Calder Primary- Nintendo DS and Dogs

As part of a whole school topic on animals our Primary 2/3 class wanted to use the Nintendogs game on the Nintendo DS. The class used the game mainly at Golden Time. This was good as the smaller number meant that the teacher could circulate and help where necessary. The children needed little help and were very good at using the technology. The games were very motivational and helped initiate discussions based on animals and their care.

The Primary 6 class also used Nintendo Brain Training as an activity in Maths. The children really enjoyed using the game and again the biggest benefit that it had was in motivating the children. The children wanted to improve their brain ages and liked the challenge that the game presented. They were completing mental maths challenges in a fun and interactive way that really gripped their attention and didn’t make them feel like they were really working!