We borrowed the easi scopes to use with our senses topic. We were looking at the variety of materials that feel different to touch and taste.  We participated in sensory guessing games and then investigated these materials under the easi-scope to get a better look at how the material was made.

How ICT supported learning and Teaching
The children worked in small groups to take turns to examine different materials and take still pictures of their findings.  We used the easi-scope as part of the investigative area during Purposeful play. Each small group had a different set of materials to examine.
We initially started using the easi scopes to get a better look at some materials that we had available to us in school but soon we used the scopes to examine different foods we eat.  The children were fasinated by the different images they could gather from the one piece of food or material.  They really enjoyed using the scopes to examine their own clothing and skin.

Some of the P7 pupils also had the opportunity to use the easi-scope to look at skin pigmentation and finger prints as part of their CSI transition.


The easi scopes are very easy to use and all of the pupils were able to use them independently. The easi-scope was easy to install and could easily be used by anyone not confident in using ICT.

Sacred Heart Primary Flip Cams

The pupils and staff of Sacred Heart Primary ICT Committee requested the use of the Flip Cams. We hoped to use the flip cams to capture committee work, outdoor learning, educational visits, Sacred Heart’s Got Talent and our Summer Show. The flip cams were timetabled for use in each class and classes were set a challenge of making a video to share at a whole school assembly. Pupils really enjoyed using the flip cams to capture their learning and some pupils were given the opportunity to edit and make movies of their learning using the flipshare software. Some P4 pupils also had the opportunity to use the school’s video camera to film, edit and create a movie of the school summer show and used imovie and idvd to produce DVDs which were sold to raise money for school funds. P1 pupils were also involved in using an ipad and imovie to make a film of P1 life and showcased their movie at a premiere for nursery children and invited guests.

Ipods at St Thomas’ P.S Wishaw

I explore and experiment with the features and functions of computer technology and I can use what I learn to support and enhance my learning in different contexts.

TCH 1-04a / TCH 2-04a

In this last term the upper school pupils were coordinating the infant department topic. This was based along a family of bears living in our school.

The use of technology in the Ipod touch allowed us to create small still movies to evidence the learning experiences of the infant children. The children also coordinated comments on the Bear Hunt Blog.

P1 muck-1

In addition our Citizenship groups used the technology to evidence their ‘Come Dine with Me’ Lesson.

Come dine with me

The impact on using this technology allowed the children to discuss and reflect on the lesson experience as well as utilise and enhance their own abilities using the hardware. The technology also allowed the children to work cooperatively developing their communication skills.



At New Monkland Primary, we borrowed the wireless camera. This was used to display images of our ‘Giant African and Snail’ called Brian, in our front foyer for all to see. We also transmitted images of our chicks hatching too.

Easi Speak Mics at St Thomas’ P.S

The equipment was used by P.7 stage in the school during T3. The aim of using this hardware initially was to allow the children to evaluate their own written work to allow re-draft and improvement.


The children found the use of the equipment simple. They could drag and drop their work to their laptop to listen to and allow them to make changes to their written copy. The children further used the microphones to record their peer reading with their infant buddies. They then transferred both pieces of evidence above into their e-portfolios.


The equipment could be used in a variety of ways across all areas of the curriculum and only time prevented more exploring of the possible avenues. They were simple to use and allowed the children to explore technology to enhance their knowledge and understanding. The equipment was easy to use and the sound was of good quality.

Peer Read

Nintendo DSis – Eastfield Primary


Our school is currently trying to update the teaching of I.C.T. and the hardware available to use in class.  When I decided to loan out the DSis the school had placed an order for IPads but only had laptops and Desktops timetabled to classes.  Therfore I wanted to loan the DSis to give more opportunities to my class and other pupils in school to use technology to enhance their learning.

How ICT supported learning and teaching

Primarily I used the DSis as a finishing task, where the pupils could practise their quick mental maths and reading skills on the Brain Training.  I rotated the DSis arounf the groups in the class so that everyone was given an opportunityto practise and ‘beat their brain age’.  As the IPads arrived in school I was then able to give more pupils the chance to use I.C.T. as a finishing/consolidation task.

Impact / conclusion

Pupils were more engaged in their finishing task when using the DSi as they saw it as luxury or playing a game – even though they were still learning.  It was also clear to see pupils helping one another and working together (pairing up and sharing a DSi) to get a better score or result.  The class loved the chance to use the DSis and I am sure they will have the same enthusiasm with the new school IPads.


Feedback on ICT Hardware in the classroom

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