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Airliner Slate – Eastfield Primary School


I decided to borrow the Airliner as I do not have a Smartboard in my class and the I.C.T. room in the school can become crowded with a full class lesson.  Therefore I wanted to see if I could solve the space issues with the wireless capabilities of the Airliner.

How ICT supported learning and teaching

Basically I used the Airliner to allow pupils to interact more during lessons and presentations.  Instead of moving through the crowd to come out to click on the screen etc, the pupils just passsed round the slate which solved classroom management issues.

Impact / conclusion

The pupils enjoyed the fact that they had more interaction with the Smartboard instead of just wathcing and listening.  They also liked the novelty factor or everyone watching their movements on the ‘big screen’.  During class presentations of their topic research, some the pupils also decided to use the Airliner instead of just standing out the front clicking on the laptop to move on a slide.  This gave the pupils more of an opportunity to move around the classroom, pose questions to the audience and take answers.

Airliner – St Marys PS Coatbridge

P7 really enjoyed using the airliner slate in conjunction with the class SMARTboard.  It allowed all children to actively participate in all lessons without having to leave their seats.  They soon became accustomed to it and found it was an enjoyable way to participate in lessons.  It was especially good for children who weren’t too keen on standing up in front of the class writing on the SMARTboard.

Airliner Tablet – St. Adian’s Primary School

Intention – I intended to use the airliner to aid the use of the SMARTBoard without having to be beside it. I hoped it would help when I was working with children at a table but still needed to use the board.

How ICT supported learning and teaching

Evaluation – I found the airliner to be very helpful. The children are able to use it from their own chairs and it has stopped the children climbing over one another to reach the board. It has also sped up the time it takes to play games on the board as the children do not need to make their way to the board.

Impact / conclusion

The airliner was slightly difficult to set up and it took a few attempts but when it was up and running it was fine.