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Flip Camcorder – Tannochside PS


As a P7 class teacher I had recently been on the Active Literacy course for Narrative Writing.  As this involved a  new structure to the children’s weekly writing I decided to introduce this via co-operative learning in order to make our initial “leap of faith” more interesting, stimulating and supportive.

How ICT supported Learning and Teaching

Filming, editing and narrating our Co -operative Toolkit video contributed to and enhanced the children’s learning in both a fun and informative manner.  Children of all abilities contributed to our video which demonstrates their determination to take risks and support each other in their educational journey towards becoming independent learners.  The Flip Camcorders were a great stimulus to allay fears, support and promote active learning whilst simultaneously embracing new technologies.

Impact/ Conclusion

I found our whole experience very rewarding and would certainly use this technology again within my class.  The children clearly enjoyed this technology as they were  keen to volunteer to become “Roving Reporters” using Flip Camcorders for our recent Kilt for Kids Day.  This technology lends itself very well to providing evidence of all the children’s hard work that may otherwise not be evident, and is a great resource to further reinforce and consolidate what the children have learned – we just watch our Toolkit video to remind us!