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I-Pod Touches (Eastfield Primary School)


We borrowed the I-pod touched with a view of supporting the learning and teaching of I.C.T. both in the classroom and also during an after school club.  The school were made aware of the loan and several teachers took the opportunity to use the equipment to enhance the learning of their pupils.

How ICT supported learning and teaching

At the school’s I.C.T. club we decided to create a Virtual Tour of the school which would then be uploaded to the school’s website.  Although this is still in the process of being edited we used the I-pods to quickly capture the various parts of the school and then uploaded the images onto I-Movie 09.

After downloading a ‘time lapse’ for all the i-pods many teacher took the opportunity to capture a lesson and them upload it to their Blog on the school website.  This allowed parents of the school to watch a little snap-shot of their child’s class and then leave a comment on the lesson (if they desired).

Some classes also chose to use the video function to record class talks and then edit them in I-Movie 09 before uploading them onto their Blogs for parents to see. 

The I-pods were used extensively for surfing the internet gathering information about non-ficiton texts and also to take notes on class topics at the time.

Finally the pupils also loved to use the various language and maths apps on the I-pods when they had finished their class work.

Impact / conclusion

As you can see the school used the I-pods to a great effect and now we have made real developments on our school website due the quick capturing and editing process of the I-pods.  It cut out the need to borrow/share cameras and video cameras in the school and teachers could use the I-pods when opportunities came up instead of planning weeks in advance.  The pupils also had the opportunity to experience much more I.C.T. learning instead of only a weekly timetabled slot of the school’s I.C.T. room.


Scottish Dancing:      Primary-3-4 Primary-4

P7 Science Fayre:  Capillary Attraction Full-Fat-v-Low-Fat Liquid Reactions

Iron Brew Volcano Marvellous Marshmallows

Natural-Disasters Oil and Water

Time Lapse:             Castles-1 Castles-2 p1-time-lapse p1-time-lapse-2

P2 time lapse P4-Maths time lapse

I Can Animate – Eastfield Primary School

Football Funny Haunted House Tom and Jerry X Factor


Our I.C.T. school club ran from September to December in weekly 1 hour blocks.  15 children attended to learn how to use animation software and how to edit the movies in I-Movie.  At first we split the pupils into smaller groups and asked them to create a basic storyline, characters and background to their movie.  Next we used various art materials to make our background and plastercine to make the characters.  The filming process lasted a few weeks with each pupil choosing to be either a director, filmcrew or actor.  Then we exported the finished movie and added titles, credits and voice effects using I-Movie.

How ICT supported learning and teaching

We used the school laptops for the webcams and downloaded the ‘Frame by Frame’ software.  The webcams and microphone allowed the pupils to add in their own effects and movements.  The pupils worked in small groups so that everyone would get a chance to use the various hardware and software.  The teacher used the large mounted smartboard to show the pupils each step of the process and to highlight any problems and solutions they were having.

Impact / conclusion

The pupils loved using the new software and different functions on the laptops that previously they would not have used.  next the club aims to build on the knowledge gained to produce move movies, using I-Movie.