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Guitar Hero – Braidhurst High School


This is the first year our new S1 ICT course, Guitar Hero, has been run. The idea is that pupils work in groups for two periods a week to organise a world tour for their own band.

The course is broken down as follows

1. In groups pupils research the potential cities where they will plan their tour and work out a route round the world working out carbon emissions

2. Pupils “book” hotels, flights and venues for their concerts

3. They create publicity material including poster and tickets

4. They create a website to promote their band and tour

5. They create a promotional game based on their tour using scratch

6. They make a presenatation to an X Factor style judging panel who decide on an eventual winner.

It has been really useful having a play station with guitar hero as we have been able to use it as a reward and incentive for hard working groups.

Pupil Feedback

Here are some examples of pupil feedback from the course although we are only halfway through it at the moment

  • Brilliant as you have to use your imagination.
  • Fun because you do your own research on the internet.
  • Really good that you get the reward of playing guitar hero.
  • Good as you get to design posters on the internet.
  • You get to play guitar hero.
  • I think the course is good because you get to plan venues and hotels and it’s so realistic.
  • I like it because it is fun and I get to work with my friends.
  • I like it because we get to work with your friends.
  • I like this because you get to play guitar hero and you learn about a tour and currency.
  • I think the course is good because there are loads to do and it is fun.
  • I think the course was good because I enjoyed finding things out about countries.
  • I think Guitar Hero course was very good because we got to make posters and more in our groups. I would definitely do it again.
  • I liked the course because I liked making the glogster posters and I liked working out how much the hotels cost.
  • The course we were doing is very fun and enjoyable and very hard working. Its good for team work and friendship. I would definitely do it again.
  • I liked it because we got to do different things each week and cooperate with other people.