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Sacred Heart Primary Flip Cams

The pupils and staff of Sacred Heart Primary ICT Committee requested the use of the Flip Cams. We hoped to use the flip cams to capture committee work, outdoor learning, educational visits, Sacred Heart’s Got Talent and our Summer Show. The flip cams were timetabled for use in each class and classes were set a challenge of making a video to share at a whole school assembly. Pupils really enjoyed using the flip cams to capture their learning and some pupils were given the opportunity to edit and make movies of their learning using the flipshare software. Some P4 pupils also had the opportunity to use the school’s video camera to film, edit and create a movie of the school summer show and used imovie and idvd to produce DVDs which were sold to raise money for school funds. P1 pupils were also involved in using an ipad and imovie to make a film of P1 life and showcased their movie at a premiere for nursery children and invited guests.

Flip Cameras Mossend PS

Primary 6/7 borrowed the Flip cameras to use during their topic about Bellshill and Mossend. The children researched the local area and then decided what information and locations they wanted to film. They worked in groups and had some really interesting ideas. John Johnston then came to the school and worked with the class showing them how to edit their footage. The films turned out really well and the children are so proud of them.

Filp Camera at Chapelside

Flip cameras, used by P7 Chapelside.

These were used for a variety of uses. For example- recording Burns afternoon, drama club panto, each other doing presentations, reading to P1’s, the list goes on.

We edit the results, used the film to give and take feedback from our work. Improved our work and re-recorded. This is a great tool to allow children to see how they can improve.

Calder Primary – Flip Cameras


As part of transition our Primary 6 children planned a short video that would be useful to new parents and pupils of the school. They decided that they would video a typical school day, familiar faces and some of the work that they were really proud of to help answer any questions that new starts might have or alleviate some fears.

Learning and Teaching

The children worked in small groups to film different aspects of school life. They then added all footage to I Movie and took turns to order and edit the video clips. When they were satisfied with the video footage they then added music and titles with important details about the school day. After this they then showed a preview to some of the other classes and then used their evaluations to make final changes before burning disks for all of the new children coming to the school.

Advantages of Flip Cameras

The cameras were really small, light- weight and easy to use. All children managed to film and add footage to I Movie successfully. The fact that these cameras were portable was their main advantage as the children could film both outdoors and indoors in a variety of places.


The children learned a lot during the filming and worked well in cooperative groups. The cameras were really easy to use and could easily be used with younger children as well as with children in the upper school. The children felt really proud of the final DVD and many commented that using the cameras and making the DVD had been the highlight of their year. The new starts were also delighted with their gift. I’m sure that we would work on a similar project in the future as a way of helping with transition.

St. Aidan’s Primary

The children in St. Aidan’s Primary used the flipcams during Golden Time. They worked as a small group of 10 children, between P1 and P3 and had a camera each. They made two movies in an eight week block and the children decided what the themes should be. The initial theme was Golden Time itself and the second one was Fairyland, a joint infant topic. They captured images and edited them using i-movie and showcased their efforts at a whole school assembly.
This Golden Time activity group filled up very quickly when it was offered. The children were extremely motivated to take the images and to be part of them. It was a worthwhile activity and will be extended into the upper school next.

Flip Camera – St. Edward’s P.S

The Primary 6 class were working on a Film and Media topic. Children had to use the Flip cameras to create their own short movies. Before the filming the children created a script, make scenery and props. Then children recorded their films and edited them adding sound and text effects.

Children enjoyed using the cameras and this enhanced their knowledge of using technology to support their learning. They were able to capture images and were responsible for editing their own films. Since then the children have regularly used flip cameras for different projects.

The children showed their completed films to other classes and experienced success doing this.

One issue I had was trying to copy the films from an apple mac computer onto a disc for children to share with parents. I think this was something to do with the amount of space on the computer. Unfortunately, this problem has not been resolved.