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Sacred Heart Primary Flip Cams

The pupils and staff of Sacred Heart Primary ICT Committee requested the use of the Flip Cams. We hoped to use the flip cams to capture committee work, outdoor learning, educational visits, Sacred Heart’s Got Talent and our Summer Show. The flip cams were timetabled for use in each class and classes were set a challenge of making a video to share at a whole school assembly. Pupils really enjoyed using the flip cams to capture their learning and some pupils were given the opportunity to edit and make movies of their learning using the flipshare software. Some P4 pupils also had the opportunity to use the school’s video camera to film, edit and create a movie of the school summer show and used imovie and idvd to produce DVDs which were sold to raise money for school funds. P1 pupils were also involved in using an ipad and imovie to make a film of P1 life and showcased their movie at a premiere for nursery children and invited guests.

Sacred Heart Primary I Can Animate

The school’s ICT Committee requested the ‘I Can Animate’ software to enrich the learning experience of pupils.¬† ‘I can create, capture and manipulate sounds, text and images to communicate experiences, ideas and information in creative and engaging ways.’ TCH 1-04a

We used the equipment with a group of P4 pupils. They used a range of resources to make a creative animation. The committee intended to timetable the equipment for use from P4-P7 but staff and pupil feedback informed us that training may be required for staff or workshops with specialist staff and pupils prior to rolling out the equipment to classes.

“The potential of I Can Animate to bring learning to life in a creative and collaborative way was great but I would like training on the technical aspects of using the software and examples of how it has been used effectively in class.”P2/3 teacher

“I enjoyed using the laptop and camera and making a movie.” P4 pupil

Sacred Heart Primary Nintendo Dsis

The Nintendo DSis were initially requested by our school ICT Committee, which is a group of about 50 pupils from P1 to P7 which meets once a month. One of the aims of the ICT Committee is to increase the use and variety of ICT to support learning and pupils felt that using the equipment could help them to improve their learning, particularly their mental maths agility. The ICT committee trained each other and staff on how to use the nintendo DSis and discussed ways that they could be used in class. The equipment was then timetabled for each class in the school. These are just a couple of examples of how the DSis were used to engage learners and enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Primary 1 used the DSis to practise their addition facts to 10.

Primary 6 and 7 worked collaboratively and used the DSis to improve their spelling skills.

‘We scrambled words and wrote a message to our partner on pictochat. Our partner unscrambled the word and sent it back.’ P6/7 pupil

To gauge the response of staff and pupils to the use of the Nintendo DSis and their¬† impact on teaching and learning the staff responsible for the ICT Committee issued evaluations. All evaluations were very positive and all staff commented on the positive impact using the equipment had on the learning experience and stated that it was a powerful tool in engaging all pupils actively in their learning. For example, “I used it during maths. It was good for quick practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. My support group enjoyed it and they were able to answer questions mentally which they wouldn’t normally answer orally.”P5 teacher.

“I liked braintraining because it is a fun way to learn lots of different things in different ways.” P4 pupil