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Calderbank Primary Animation Club


Calderbank Primary is a small school with a  roll of 53 children. We decided to offer this as an after school club to enable the children to become familiar with the software, ‘I can Animate’  and encourage the children to work together. Children from P1-7 were encouraged to join our after school club and it proved such a success it is still running !

How ICT supported learning and teaching

We have found this software highly motivating and easy to use by children from P1 to P7. The club has been running in 6 week blocks to enable different groups of children to get involved. They were given a range of small toys,lego and play dough to use with  the software, ‘I Can Animate’ to create our own short stop animations.They worked in friendship groups and were given the opportunity to experiment with the resources and come up with their own story lines. We then put them together into short films using iMovie. We also had a go at using the iPad app too, which is a cheaper alternative if you have invested in iPads.

You can view our film by visiting our school blog-


The children involved are now skilled in the use of the software and teachers are now looking for opportunities to make use of this resource in other areas of the curriculum.

In the areas of Health & Wellbeing/RME the P6&7 children have produced animations to represent the UN Rights of the Child, illustrating the right to education and the right to play.


End of Term Animation

This was one of the best items my P7 class borrowed. They had great fun making a variety of films. They made end of term animations about school from P1 to P7, this was great for everyone that attended their assembly. This allowed everyone to work together and also work and help each other in the class. Highly recommended.


Mrs Wallace and P7 2012

I Can Animate @ Cathedral Primary School

Tweedledum & Tweedledee

I can create, capture and manipulate sounds, text and images to communicate experiences, ideas and information in creative and engaging ways.
TCH 1-04b / TCH 2-04b

This year I’m responsible for delivering French and ICT as a McCrone subject throughout the school. I borrowed the I Can Animate kit last term, and used it to create animations with classes at the P4 and P5 stages.
Our School Show was Alice in Wonderland, so children were asked to animate a scene from the story.

Children were asked to:

– work together as a group
– decide on a scene to animate
– create a backdrop for their scene
– make plasticine models of their characters
– explore and experiment with I Can Animate software to create a short clip
Children had great fun creating their movies, and found the software very easy to use.

I Can Animate At Keir Hardie Primary

In term 3, my primary 5/6 used the software I Can Animate to produce animations for the nursery children within the school.  In the beginning of this study, John Johnston visited the school to introduce this software to the children and they throughly enjoyed this experience.  Following this visit the children worked in groups to produce an animation based on a traditional fairytale.  They learned how to take snapshots, create new frames, duplicate frames and musch more.  When they had created their animation they exported this to iMovie and added music, sound effects and titles pages.

This resource was highly motivational and the children enjoyed learning new skills.  They became very independant and have used these skills to demonstrate this technology to other children within the school.  I would be very keen to borrow this resource again and our school is now looking in to purchasing webcams and I Can Animate.

Pupils comments about this resource included:

Eva (P5) – I have enjoyed learning to make an animation and this topic has halped me learn new ICT skills.  Making my own animation was fun and I woul love to make another one in the future.

Abigail (P5) – I am now able to make a fully completed animation with music and transitions.  It was very intersting and let you follow the path you desired.

Robyn (P6) – I learned how to use a camera and worked to a deadline.

Aaron (P6) – I am now confident in making Stop Motion Animations, can create a movie and add sounds.  It was really fun and enjoyable.  I have shown someone else how to use this.

Animation Kit at Glenmanor

This kit was used in one of the P6 classes.  The children were learning about USA as part of an interdisciplinary topic as part of this the children have carried out research on weddings.  They used play-dough to take their knowledge and create characters to set up a wedding scene.  The children incorporated work on Elvis that they had completed.  They used the animation kit and made movies.  These movies were were included in a Keynote presentation that the class produced and shown at the school concert.  The use of the animation kit gave the children the opportunity to develop their ICT skills in a new context.  They really enjoyed creating their very realistic characters and viewing the completed work.

I Can Animate – Eastfield Primary School

Football Funny Haunted House Tom and Jerry X Factor


Our I.C.T. school club ran from September to December in weekly 1 hour blocks.  15 children attended to learn how to use animation software and how to edit the movies in I-Movie.  At first we split the pupils into smaller groups and asked them to create a basic storyline, characters and background to their movie.  Next we used various art materials to make our background and plastercine to make the characters.  The filming process lasted a few weeks with each pupil choosing to be either a director, filmcrew or actor.  Then we exported the finished movie and added titles, credits and voice effects using I-Movie.

How ICT supported learning and teaching

We used the school laptops for the webcams and downloaded the ‘Frame by Frame’ software.  The webcams and microphone allowed the pupils to add in their own effects and movements.  The pupils worked in small groups so that everyone would get a chance to use the various hardware and software.  The teacher used the large mounted smartboard to show the pupils each step of the process and to highlight any problems and solutions they were having.

Impact / conclusion

The pupils loved using the new software and different functions on the laptops that previously they would not have used.  next the club aims to build on the knowledge gained to produce move movies, using I-Movie.