Calderbank Primary Animation Club


Calderbank Primary is a small school with a  roll of 53 children. We decided to offer this as an after school club to enable the children to become familiar with the software, ‘I can Animate’  and encourage the children to work together. Children from P1-7 were encouraged to join our after school club and it proved such a success it is still running !

How ICT supported learning and teaching

We have found this software highly motivating and easy to use by children from P1 to P7. The club has been running in 6 week blocks to enable different groups of children to get involved. They were given a range of small toys,lego and play dough to use with  the software, ‘I Can Animate’ to create our own short stop animations.They worked in friendship groups and were given the opportunity to experiment with the resources and come up with their own story lines. We then put them together into short films using iMovie. We also had a go at using the iPad app too, which is a cheaper alternative if you have invested in iPads.

You can view our film by visiting our school blog-


The children involved are now skilled in the use of the software and teachers are now looking for opportunities to make use of this resource in other areas of the curriculum.

In the areas of Health & Wellbeing/RME the P6&7 children have produced animations to represent the UN Rights of the Child, illustrating the right to education and the right to play.