Holy Family Primary School

During this term we have been using the Nintendo DSi as part of our active maths. Primary 4 children have particularly enjoyed having them as part of the lesson and are finding ways to challenge themselves.  Other classes have borrowed the equipment and children are making very positive comments.  It is encouraging to witness children actively engaged in their learning.  Many thanks

Primary 6/7 pupils made some comments:-

” The DS has great games to help you learn better” Saffa

“The DS is a fun and enjoyable way to learn” Ciaran

“The DS helps you learn in a fun way, it is better”  Martin

“They help with maths and because of the technology you want to use it more”


“The DS was great, helped speed up my maths”  James

Concentration from John!
Talking...without noise!
I just don't want to be 78!

Thank you for allowing us to make maths fun, Ann Le Blond P6/7 teacher.