Fun Run 2012

Last Wednesday saw the first eagerly anticipated inter house event and with new house captains selected, each house was keen to get off to a promising start in this year’s competition.  The fun run, which is a whole school event, had even more significance that it is worth triple points.  The sun was shining as everyone took to the playing fields of the event.  There were special appearances on the day from Elvis, Wonder Woman and many other pupils who hade made that extra bit of effort and dressed up for the occasion.  As the competition got underway pupils were aiming to put in a good amount of laps to help build their house points total.  Pupils were joined by enthusiastic members of staff, including Mr Hannan, who donned another very interesting competition: who would achieve the most laps – a pupil or a teacher?  After 30 minutes of continuous running, jogging and walking, where pupils and staff completed a total of 5433 laps and a tremendous 1100 miles.  The event was finished and all that was left was to gather in the scores and tally them up to see what house would claim the first inter house victory of 2012-2013.  The final results were:

  1. Atholl
  2. Morven
  3. Lorne
  4. Rannoch

Well done to all the pupils and staff who took part and made this fantastic event.  We look forward to the next inter house event in the next few weeks which will be potted sports and football.