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Department Staff List

Ms. Morgan – Principal Teacher of STEM with Technical
Mr. Murray – Principal Teacher Guidance
Mr. Cox
Mr. Boyle – Technician

BGE Curriculum

In the BGE we aim to provide students with a wide range of learning experiences, building skills and gaining knowledge in the following areas:

  • Craft, Design, Engineering and Graphics
  • Digital Literacy

S1 course – 1 period a week for the full academic year. S1 access a rich and broad curriculum in Design & Technology that will cover a variety of topic areas that listed below:

Graphic Communication

Sketching & Rendering – Introduction to manual orthographic drawing, colour theory, manual rendering techniques, 1 point perspective.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) Magazine cover – Pupils will design their own magazine cover by completing tasks throughout this project. Introduction to promotional graphics using DTP software (Serif Page Plus) and DTP elements and principles.

Computer Aided Design – Introduction to Inventor (CAD) software. Pupils will learn and develop their computer literacy skills by using industry standard software in the production of 3D models and digital drawings.

Practical Manufacturing Skills

  • Health & safety protocols within the workshop.
  • Measuring in millimetres.

Garden Trowel – Introduction to Metalwork. Pupils will be introduced to manufacture and materials theory. They will also be introduced basic metalwork tools & equipment when manufacturing a garden trowel.

Key rack –Introduction to Woodwork. Pupils will begin to learn about woodwork related materials and Manufacturing theory. They will also be using basic woodwork tools & equipment to manufacture the key rack.

Photo Holder – Introduction to plastics. Pupils will learn about working with thermoplastic in a workshop environment.


Pupils will be introduced to basic Engineering Science theory, specifically mechanical structures. At the end of this unit, they will undertake a bridge building challenge.

S2 course – Pupils attend two periods a week for the full academic year. S2 continue to build on their skills from S1 and learn new concepts relating to each individual subject areas in Design & Technology. Subject and topic areas will be more focused to develop a deeper understanding of previous learning during their time in S2.

Design and Manufacture

iPad / Tablet stand folio – Pupils will be introduced to the design process, focusing on design factors and creating concepts to satisfy a design brief for a wooden iPad/Tablet stand.

Practical Craft Skills

iPad/Tablet stand – Craft pupils will take their designs into the workshop and craft a new wooden prototype of the tablet stand.

Mug Tree – A craft project that continues to develop pupils’ practical woodworking skills, using a variety of woodwork tools and machinery.

Door Hook – A multi-craft project that continues to develop pupils’ practical metalworking bench skills, using a variety of metalwork tools and equipment. This is combined with their previous skills in working with plastics.

Graphic Communication

Sketching & Rendering unit – Pupils will continue to develop their manual sketching and rendering skills. They will be sketching a variety of everyday objects, with a particular focus on sketching 1 point and 2 point perspective, pictorial drawings.

CAD Toy Truck and Tetris blocks – Pupils will continue to build their skills using Inventor (CAD) software to produce advanced 3D models and be introduced to other CAD related topic areas.

CAG branding unit – Pupils will use a vector drawing software package (Serif DrawPlus) to re-design a logo as part of a branding unit.

Cupcake packaging (Cross curricular project with HFT department) – Introduction to surface developments and use of Computer Aided Graphics to create packaging for a cupcake.


Energy unit – Pupils will work through a unit based around the fundamentals of energy transfer, electricity and wind. Using formulae to work out missing values.

S3 courses – When pupils reach S3 they have the opportunity for some individual timetable options. The Design and Technology department split options into two main subject areas: Design & Manufacture and Graphic Communication. For each subject, pupils will attend the department for 3 periods a week over the academic year and cover a variety of topic areas in their selected course.

The purposes of our S3 Design & Manufacture and Graphic Communication courses are to provide an inclusive, yet engaging level 3 technologies curriculum. Pupils will work towards the expected experiences and outcomes at mainly level 3. Additionally, some pupils maybe eligible to be put forward for completion of National 4 Units if their work reaches the criteria for the National 4 Outcomes for certain units of work.

Design & Manufacture  

The S3 Design and Manufacture course incorporates elements from Practical Woodwork and Design & Manufacture.

Headphone Stand project – Pupils will engage in a creative design based folio that will require pupils to analyse a design brief to design a headphone stand for an appropriate target market. They will conduct primary research, produce a design specification, design and develop concepts that will satisfy the design brief. Once the folio is completed, pupils will progress into the workshop to manufacture their prototypes of the headphone stand.

Storage Box – This project combines elements of the Technologies BGE Level 4 experiences & outcomes and National 4 Practical woodwork course. Pupils will continue to develop their practical skills and craft a Storage box that consists of flat frame and carcase construction woodwork joints. If viable, pupil work maybe retained for National 4 unit completion evidence.

Ergonomics Re-design unit – Pupils will undertake a project that focuses on the design factor of ergonomics and its three sub areas – Anthropometrics, Physiology and Psychology. This project will have pupils develop their model making skills to produce a concept for a videogames controller.

TeenTech – This engaging programme allows pupils to work together in teams over a number of periods to produce ideas and a presentation of their innovative product. Pupils have a selection of categories they can work on ranging from Technology innovation in Health, Food & Retail, Environment, and Wearable Technology and more. The school will enter the best product for each category into an annual competition.

Graphic Communication

The S3 Graphic Communication course provides a more in-depth and richer Graphic Communication experience building on skills learned in S1 & S2.

Orthographic Drawing and Sketching unit – Pupils will use formal drawing techniques and equipment to produce orthographic and isometric views. This will develop their understanding of British Standard conventions used in industry. Additionally, pupils will learn about producing orthographic views of various prisms and their associated surface developments.

CAD and CAG unit – Pupils will learn about the CAD commands “Revolve and “Decal” by creating a 3D model soft drink can and applying their own label design.

Manual Rendering Unit – Pupils will develop their existing manual rendering skills in applying tone, shadow, and material to objects and products.

DTP unit- Gig Ticket pupils will learn more about DTP Design Elements and Principles to create preliminary and promotional graphics of a “Gig Ticket”

Phone Holder Unit – Pupils will produce a folio of work based around a phone holder. This units consists consists of Manual Orthographic sketches, CAD and DTP.

Practice Assignments – Pupils will undertake practice assignments that will give pupils the necessary skills and abilities to independently, in preparation for the final National 5 Graphic Communication assignment.

Senior Phase

Our Design and Technology Department offers a variety of subjects, ranging at different national levels. During S4, S5 and S6 pupils have the option of specialising in three main subject areas:

  • Practical Woodwork – National 4 & 5 (5 Periods a week)
  • Design & Manufacture – National 4, 5 and Higher (5 periods a week for S4, 6 periods for S5 & S6)
  • Graphic Communication National 4, 5 and Higher (5 periods a week for S4, 6 periods for S5 & S6)

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