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Cook School

Our head teacher Mrs Lind invited all of Primary 7 in small groups to visit the cook school in Greenock. Our visits there have been amazing.

When we arrived we walked into a fantastic kitchen. In fact everyone wanted a kitchen like that in their own home.

Our first task was to make a pizza. For our pizzas we first had to mix ingredients to make the dough. While the pizza dough was warming up we decorated aprons and we also decorated a cupcake coaster.

A short while later, we came back to the awesome kitchen and actually made the pizza. Our dough was now ready to use. We rolled out the dough and then put on the tomato and basil spread. We then put the topping of our own choice on top of the spread. We had great fun choosing our pizza toppings. There was a great variety of things to choose from such as pepperoni, chicken, sweet corn, ham, mushrooms, pineapple and lots more. Once our toppings were added we then finished off with some cheese. After that we put them in the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes.

While the pizzas were cooking we made a Knickerbocker Glory. We used big glasses to put our ingredients in. We could choose from strawberries, grapes, bananas, ice cream and strawberry, chocolate and toffee sauce, whipped cream and SPRINKLES! We sat at a beautifully decorated table with our delicious Knicker Bocker Glory and a refreshing drink and a little peach rose.

Then it was time to get our lovely pizzas out of the oven. They looked and smelt fantastic!

With our pizzas safely in a box it was now time to go home. We left not only with our pizzas but with a little bag with our own aprons, a coaster and also instructions to make the pizza or Knicker Bocker Glory at home.

It was a fantastic experience.

Thank you Mrs Lind!