writing1I have dyslexia.
Dyslexia is something that makes you learn differently and can sometimes make you learn slower. It isn’t a bad thing because there will be other things that you are good at and it also has nothing to do with how clever you are.
In my school we have lots of things to help me. We have regular dyslexia meetings. At these meetings we talk about how we are getting on and what could make things better. In every class we also have a help box with materials that I can use with my work.
I am one of the oldest in our school with dyslexia. I have been to lots of different places to talk about it. I have been to Murray field, the Holiday Inn and other schools. I hope that what I have to say about it helps other children.

By Sol McRobie

5 thoughts on “Dyslexia”

  1. Great to hear from you Sol You have been an excellent ambassador for Dyslexia I hope you will get the opportunity to talk to our inspectors about your experiences I hope your fingers are getting better

  2. Sol, this is a lovely post. It is very powerful to hear from someone with Dyslexia. You explanation of Dyslexia was great and it was good to find out a little bit of how you and your school are working together.
    I am sure what you say will help other people. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Sol, I really enjoyed reading your post. My daughter has dyslexia and like you she is keen to tell more people so there is a better understanding of what it is like to be a dyslexic learner. I was interested to read about the help box in your class – what a great idea, I will pass this on. Excellent post!

  4. Hi Sol…Very brave of you to speak out about your Dyslexia. . and very kind of you to want to help others…. well done and very well written…
    Credit to your Mum and family.
    Proud to know you..x

  5. I am so proud of my son.
    If it wasn’t for Mrs Lind’s hard work, time and commitment to pupils with Dyslexia Sol would be just another statistic.
    He always tries hard and he does struggle, but always gets there.
    thanks to all at Ailymill Primary.

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