Healthy Eating

On Friday 24TH April, Primary 7C participated in a healthy eating workshop to learn about fats and sugars in our food. Katie was out instructor. She has visited our school on many occasions.

Katie came in to teach us about how we can eat more healthily. She gave us lots of samples of different fruits and vegetables to taste. We really liked the carrots, melons and the cheese biscuits. It was a great way to start our morning.

We found out what would happen if we eat too much fat and sugar. Katie also showed us pictures of what lots of sugar can do to our teeth. It was horrible.

We hope to follow Katie’s advice and eat healthily.

By Paige and Leah

Our Trip To Burns Cottage

Our Trip to Burns Cottage

On Monday 30th March we had a trip to Alloway in Ayr – the birthplace of Robert Burns.

When we got there we were split into 2 groups. Our group went to the Burns Museum first whilst the others went to the Burns Cottage.

The museum was very interesting as there were lots to see and do. There was video playing the poem Tam O’ Shanter; a shadow picture booth that you could put your e-mail address in and get the picture sent to you; a huge interactive play board which you could play different games on; there also was a Lego man of Robert Burns that cost £75!!!

After we finished exploring the museum we went to the shop just outside and bought some things.

When everyone had finished in the shop a tour guide came and took us around the important sights in the area. First we saw the Robert Burns memorial. It had real gold at the top of it. Next we went to the Brig O’ Doon. This is the bridge that is mentioned in one of Burns most popular poems – Tam O’Shanter. Some of us pretended to be townspeople or witches from Tam O’ Shanter and a couple of people were Tam and Meg. We re-enacted an extract from the poem. It was fun.

When we finished at the bridge we went to the Kirk Alloway where Robert’s Dad, William Burnes, was buried and where the church from Tam O’ Shanter was set. It was really good to see.

On our way to Burns Cottage we passed through a path next to a field. There were a lot of different statues and special plaques to commemorate Robert Burns. There was also a giant mouse from ‘ To a Mouse.’

When we finally got to Burns Cottage we got to explore the cottage dressed up in clothes that would have been worn at the times of Burns.

The visit was very good and exciting we would love to go back. It has helped to expand our knowledge on Robert Burns. We enjoyed it very much.

By Holli and Katie