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Future Earth

Last Thursday P7C and P7B went to a work shop called Future Earth by Generation Science. It taught us about how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
During the workshop we discovered facts about different types of materials such as plastic, metal, wood and oil. We now know that a non-renewable resource is a natural resource which either cannot be reproduced or grown or is consumed mush faster than it is created. When we have used all the non-renewable resources on the planet they will be gone forever.


Crude oil is an example of a non-renewable resource. Crude is extremely useful. We use it for petrol, kerosene and plastics. Crude oil is found deep under the earth surface, and was formed when a large quantity of dead organisms, such as plankton and algae, they became trapped under layers and layers of sand and mud. As millions of years passed, this dead matter got buried deeper and deeper in the earth’s crust and the pressure and heat caused it by these layers turned the material into oil and gas.


If we Reduce, Reuse and Recycle we should hopefully make these non-renewable energy resources last longer. The workshop was fun and interesting. It certainly made us think about what future earth would be like.

By Bethany and Sophie