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Business Breakfast

On Thursday the 26th of May we had our Business Breakfast. 12 people were invited with different jobs to come and answer our questions and talk to us.
We spilt into groups of four, then we went into the hall and sat down across from one of the visitors.
The first person I got to ask questions to was Mr Rebecchi who is a local councillor in Inverclyde. Each visitor told us lots of information about their careers.
My favourite was the dance teacher. We are in dancing and we found out a lot of things we didn’t know.
The whole event was very interesting. (Lots of us particularly enjoyed the croissants and orange juice afterwards).
We would definitely like to do this again.
By Holli and Katie


writing1I have dyslexia.
Dyslexia is something that makes you learn differently and can sometimes make you learn slower. It isn’t a bad thing because there will be other things that you are good at and it also has nothing to do with how clever you are.
In my school we have lots of things to help me. We have regular dyslexia meetings. At these meetings we talk about how we are getting on and what could make things better. In every class we also have a help box with materials that I can use with my work.
I am one of the oldest in our school with dyslexia. I have been to lots of different places to talk about it. I have been to Murray field, the Holiday Inn and other schools. I hope that what I have to say about it helps other children.

By Sol McRobie

Scottish Poetry Competition

Every year in school we have a Scottish Poetry Competition. Each class chooses a Scottish poem to learn. Primary 6 and 7 must learn a Burns poem. We are given some time to learn the poem at home and then we have to perform it in front of our classmates. Our teacher judges our poems and decides which pupils will go forward to the whole school competition.

In our class we had 4 finalists – Chloe, Megan, Abby and Scott. On Thursday the 19th of March the finalists from P4-7 went down from their class and sat at the side until it was their turn to recite their poem. There were a number of different poems performed. Some recited an extract of Tam O’Shanter, Willie Wastle, Up in the Morning Early, Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation, Michael, Heron and Address to a Dinner Ticket. Many of our parents came to watch us perform It was a great afternoon.DSC03004

Well done to all the competitors.



By Scott Crumlish

Our Biopoem

We wrote this poem about our class.
It generated lots of discussion and also a few laughs.

Primary 7C

Funny, Sporty, Unique, Intelligent

Pupils of Aileymill

Lovers of Football, Subway, Sweets and the Waterfront

We feel proud, joyful, fabulous and energetic

We fear homework, spiders, snakes and bugs

We are proud of being Aileymillers

We  would like to improve our confidence, go to Air Space, learn Spanish and win the lottery.