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Every day we do maths in school and we also have activities that we complete at home. Sumdog is a website that we frequently use to support and improve our maths. It is a fun, mathematical game to play in and out of school to help us with our basic skills in: dividing, multiplying, adding and subtracting. There are often competitions that we can participate in. Sometimes they can be national competitions or local ones.
Starting on Friday 13th March there is going to be another competition which all Inverclyde Schools can take part in.
Each day there will be daily winners. Just check the leader board for your progress.
Last year when we were in P6 we won the Sumdog competition which we were very proud of.

sumdog picture
Sumdog has helped us a lot with different aspects of our maths. There are so many games to play like race cars, submarine diving, athletics game, dump building game and more, and you can even make your own avatar. Obviously you have to start at level 1 but when you build up you can get better. Click onto the website and try it out!!! www.sumdog.com
By Rebecca and Sol