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Booze Busters


Every Thursday, for the past 4 weeks we  have had Booze Busters. On our first session we had to design a name card. Ours were Zappy Zoe and Crazy Chantelle, we also had to do a quiz about alcohol.
The second week we discussed things about alcohol and how it affects you and we had to tick boxes about the people who influence us, such as mum and dad, brothers and sisters and yourself.
The third week we had to do a play with our group members and it was called peer pressure. Peer pressure could be if some of your friends were drinking and you didn’t want to but they kept on offering it to you. Acting the situation out helped us to find ways to deal with this.
On the last week we got mocktails – a tornado twist and tropical blast. They were so tasty!!!!!! To finish off we had a quiz. Each of us got a puzzle to take home.
The whole programme was great fun and we would like to thank the Booze Busters team of Chris and Kyle who delivered it to us.

By Chantelle and Zoe

Playground Buddies

In our school we have playground buddies who help to look after younger children and play with them using the games equipment. I buddy on Tuesday and on a Friday with Katie, Zoe and Sophie. I like it because you get to play with the younger children. We get new equipment every so often, so there are always different things to play with. Probably the favourite toy for the boys is the hula-hoops and the most popular for the girls is the skipping ropes.
As a buddy we get to wear special jackets so that the younger children can spot us. We also have a buddy stop so that children who don’t have anyone to play with can come to the buddy stop and we will find them someone to play with.

By Holli

Healthy Eating

On Friday 24TH April, Primary 7C participated in a healthy eating workshop to learn about fats and sugars in our food. Katie was out instructor. She has visited our school on many occasions.

Katie came in to teach us about how we can eat more healthily. She gave us lots of samples of different fruits and vegetables to taste. We really liked the carrots, melons and the cheese biscuits. It was a great way to start our morning.

We found out what would happen if we eat too much fat and sugar. Katie also showed us pictures of what lots of sugar can do to our teeth. It was horrible.

We hope to follow Katie’s advice and eat healthily.

By Paige and Leah


Every Monday we attend after school football. We train hard to learn new skills. On Friday 13th March we competed in our first competition of the year. It went very well. We played against Inverkip Primary, Saint Andrews, All Saints and Whinhill. We won 3 out of 4 of our games.

We were very proud of our achievements and are looking forward to some more games in the future.


By Bethan and Abby