Playground Buddies

In our school we have playground buddies who help to look after younger children and play with them using the games equipment. I buddy on Tuesday and on a Friday with Katie, Zoe and Sophie. I like it because you get to play with the younger children. We get new equipment every so often, so there are always different things to play with. Probably the favourite toy for the boys is the hula-hoops and the most popular for the girls is the skipping ropes.
As a buddy we get to wear special jackets so that the younger children can spot us. We also have a buddy stop so that children who don’t have anyone to play with can come to the buddy stop and we will find them someone to play with.

By Holli


writing1I have dyslexia.
Dyslexia is something that makes you learn differently and can sometimes make you learn slower. It isn’t a bad thing because there will be other things that you are good at and it also has nothing to do with how clever you are.
In my school we have lots of things to help me. We have regular dyslexia meetings. At these meetings we talk about how we are getting on and what could make things better. In every class we also have a help box with materials that I can use with my work.
I am one of the oldest in our school with dyslexia. I have been to lots of different places to talk about it. I have been to Murray field, the Holiday Inn and other schools. I hope that what I have to say about it helps other children.

By Sol McRobie



In class we have been learning about electricity.
We have learned how to make electrical circuits using wires, motors, bulbs and buzzers. We have also drawn  circuits diagrams using the correct symbols.
Our next project is to made our own structures like rocket ships, cars and buses. We will add buzzers, light bulbs and motors to make the structure more realistic. We are working individually, in twos and some in groups of three.
I am building a rocket ship with my partner and some others in the class have made a bus with head lights and a horn.
Watch this space for some photos of our completed great electrical inventions.


Matthew Farrell