Business Breakfast

On Thursday the 26th of May we had our Business Breakfast. 12 people were invited with different jobs to come and answer our questions and talk to us.
We spilt into groups of four, then we went into the hall and sat down across from one of the visitors.
The first person I got to ask questions to was Mr Rebecchi who is a local councillor in Inverclyde. Each visitor told us lots of information about their careers.
My favourite was the dance teacher. We are in dancing and we found out a lot of things we didn’t know.
The whole event was very interesting. (Lots of us particularly enjoyed the croissants and orange juice afterwards).
We would definitely like to do this again.
By Holli and Katie

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  1. I was sorry I missed it What was the stunt man and actor like I taught Craig at Ravenscraig and was very sorry to miss him Well done girls I really enjoy your blogs and was looking out for this. I am in Edinburgh as tomorrow I am hearing about Scots Language

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