Analyse the evidence using the reflective questions below to help initiate discussion and support further exploration of the effectiveness of your partnerships in making a difference for children and young people. What does it tell you about what is working well and what needs to be improved? Is the evidence accurate, reliable and relevant? Compare evidence from different sources to confirm your view. What themes are emerging?

Reflective questions

  • Is our approach to working with partners familiar to everyone we work with and to potential partners to encourage them to work with us?
  • How well do we understand who our partners are and the potential benefits and opportunities of working together?
  • How well do we know about the roles and responsibilities of other people in our organisation in relation to food in school? How does this help us find the right partners?
  • Are all our partners clear about we expect of them and what they can expect of us?   How do we know?
  • Do all of our partners, including children and young people, feel listened to and involved in actions and decisions that might affect them through planned actions? What steps do we take to ensure everyone can share views, opinions and ideas?
  • How effectively do catering and education staff work together, accessing the knowledge and skills each has to offer ?
  • Together we evaluate the impact of our partnership working on improving outcomes for children and young people, our school and community.