• It is designed to support organisations, partners and individuals to understand what is working (having the intended impact), what needs improvement (and why) and how they might best use resources (including staff) to greatest effect to deliver improvements.
  • It will enable your staff and partners to better understand their contribution to, and the difference made to the health and wellbeing of children and young people as a result of their involvement .
  • It will support staff and partners at all levels to become more confident about using evidence to demonstrate the difference they make.
  • It provides you with reflective questions to prompt discussion about your work.
  • It complements other evaluation resources allowing evidence to be used interchangeably.
  • It shares a common language with other evaluation frameworks developed by Education Scotland.

A note about the term ‘self-evaluation’

This term is used to cover the way in which individuals, groups and organisations explore their progress, development and practice to identify what is working well, what has improved and what still needs to improve. It is a way of using evidence to assess achievements, success and areas that require action. It is never an end in itself but a means to inform action which will lead to increasingly positive outcomes for the children and young people you work with.