New resources!

We are pleased to publish two new resources that we hope you will find helpful in discussions and working with others.

These are Sketchnotes and are available in pdf or jpg format.  You will find them under the  TOOLS AND RESOURCES section under the PUBLICATIONS tab.

We will be interested to get your thoughts on these and in due course hear how you have used them in your work.



Many thanks to everyone who joined us for a chat about the revised Nutritional Analysis Manual.  There are more groups organised for next week.  Get in touch you haven’t signed up for a session yet.


Welcome to Education Scotland’s Food in Schools across Scotland blog. We hope you find the content of interest and useful in your area of work. We welcome comments and feedback on how you are using the framework. Please remember to be kind, courteous and respectful of others. These are tough times and we need to be supportive and understanding of the challenges that are presented. We look forward to some great discussions around food in schools.