The self-evaluation resource consists of six quality indicators reflecting important areas of your work.   Quality Indicators (QIs) are standardised, evidence based measures of quality which support you to thoroughly examine your work and evaluate what is working well  and what could be improved.  One Indicator relates to implementing the specific duties and nutritional regulations under the HPN Act related to food in school. The other five are structured around key characteristics of health promotion as they relate to food in school.

  • The Health Promotion and Nutrition Act
  • Leadership and Management
  • Environment and Resources
  • Partnerships
  • Ethos and Culture
  • Curriculum, Learning and Teaching

Each of the quality indicators is equally important. There is a strong relationship between them and all quality indicators contribute to measuring the capacity for improvement. When evidence from different quality indicators is combined it can create a unique and powerful story to answer the key question: How good can we be? The QIs also link to complementary QIs within How Good is Our School? 4thEd .