Analyse the evidence using the reflective questions below to help initiate discussions and support further exploration of the effectiveness of the environment and resources in making a difference for children and young people. What does it tell you about what is working well and what needs to be improved? Is the evidence accurate, reliable and relevant? Compare evidence from different sources to confirm your view. What themes are emerging?

Reflective questions

  • How well do we know the children and young people we provide for? How well are we meeting their needs? How effective are we in responding when needs change?
  • How well do our practices demonstrate our standards and values, in relation to the quality of our food provision and dining experiences,¬†for our customers?
  • How well do food provision and practice across the school day, and food as a context for learning present a consistent message to children and young people about the relationship between food, health and wellbeing? What evidence supports our view?
  • How effective are we at evaluating the quality of our lunchtime experience? For example, how well do we promote school meals, present food, manage dining areas, respond to the views of children and young people, ensure fairness and equity, and demonstrate a positive attitude to a healthy lifestyle for children and young people.
  • How effectively do we use our school meals service and dining experience to enrich learning?
  • How well are promotional and other activities such as the roles of pupil helpers, themed lunches, and links with learning or participation in whole school programmes monitored?