Analyse the evidence using the reflective questions below to help initiate discussions and support further exploration of the effectiveness of leadership and management in making a difference for children and young people. What does it tell you about what is working well and what needs to be improved? Is the evidence accurate, reliable and relevant? Comparing evidence from different sources helps to confirm your view. What themes are emerging?

Reflective questions

  •  Are staff remits and responsibilities set out clearly and areas of shared responsibility identified?   Do staff model behaviour and attitudes which best support children and young people in all areas involving food in schools? How do staff and children or young people know what to expect of each other? What difference is this making?
  • Are staff training opportunities linked to identified needs/gaps/areas of improvement eg nurture, rights-based education, safeguarding, local context, food hygiene, food allergens, medical or physical dietary requirements, practical food preparation skills, nutrition updates, national dietary targets and nutritional regulations?
  • Do records detail the uptake and type of training undertaken?  Is training effective in empowering individuals, teams and schools?
  •  Are action points recorded and taken forward as a result of meetings, enquiries, complaints and other feedback from customers and partners? And how have actions taken led to improvements/change?
  • How effective are survey or audits carried out with different groups – staff, parents, children and young people, visitors, inspections? Are the right questions being asked? How accessible are the surveys/audits and what steps can be taken to ensure fair representation amongst respondents?
  • How well does the range of evidence demonstrate a joined-up approach and support collaborative practice as a way of working which leads to improvements/changes?
  • What impact are children and young people having on leading learning, supporting others to apply their skills, working with others to change practice and modelling behaviour and habits that support wellbeing?