Vox Motus Theatre Company Event

This exciting event will be hosted by the Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh on Thursday 26th January at 6pm.

Join us for an exclusive Glow Meet with Candice Edmunds and Jamie Harrison, the Artistic Directors of Glasgow-based theatre company Vox Motus, who are behind the Lyceum’s show The Infamous Brothers Davenport.

Hear about the show and their directing process. The Meet will also be recorded so you can watch with your class, or encourage them to do so on their own, at a later date!

Sign up and join us live in Glow TV on the night though if you can!

Holocaust Memorial 2012

Glow is proud to host two events to celebrate Holocaust Memorial 2012, which this year is on Friday 27th January.

The first is a live event from Eastern Primary in Dundee on Tuesday 24th January at 1.30pm. During this Glow Meet the Primary 7 pupils will be meeting those involved in the book and flim ‘Hana’s Suitcase’. This amazing story tells of how a suitcase arrived at a children’s Holocaust Education Center in Tokyo, Japan in March 2000 with Hana Brady written on the outside. Children who saw the suitcase on display were full of questions and the director decided to find the answers. The book and the subsequent film tells us what she found out!

At the event we will meet Fumiko, the director at the Holocaust Education Centre in Tokyo and Lara, George Brady’s daughter who also appeared in the film. George Brady, Hana’s brother will also be speaking and finally Larry Weinstein who made the film will be joining us in Dundee.

There will be plenty opportunity for questions for everyone as well. Sign up and join us on the day.

Finally on Thursday 26th January we will join the official Holocaust Memorial Event – Scotland 2012 live from the Caird Hall in Dundee. This event organised by ‘Speak Up Speak Up’ encourages young people to consider what they see and hear around them, and to use their voices to Speak Up against hatred and discrimination. The full programme and the opportunity to sign up and join in on the day is available in Glow TV.

Burns Day Celebrations in Glow

This year Glow is joining Dalgety Bay Primary School in Fife to celebrate Burns Day 2012 with Kevin Thompson and Burns 250.

We are broadcasting two separate events one specifically for P1-3 and the other for P 4-7. The first Glow Meet is for P 1-3 and will involve story telling about the life of Robert Burns, his poems and lots of opportunities to sing along to many of his famous, and sometimes funny songs! This event begins at 9.45am – Sign up and join this event.

Then at 11am we have something for the P4 -7 children. In this our second live session Kevin in his one-man show accompanied by Powerpoint slides will tells Burns’ life-story based around his songs and poems.
The songs and poems are woven into a narrative telling about key points in Burns’ life from his birth in 1759 to his untimely death just 37 years later. The best way to enjoy Burns is to take part so audience participation is encouraged where songs have choruses!! Sign up and join this event.

So why not sign up and join us for these very Scottish celebrations live in Glow TV?!
Further Burns resources can be found on the Education Scotland website.

新年快乐 – Celebrate Chinese New Year with Glow

Glow celebrates the Chinese New Year of the dragon with a series of events highlighting what is going on in schools across Scotland to mark these exciting celebrations. Beginning on Monday the 23rd January and lasting for 15 days
Glow will be presenting a programme of different Glow Meets looking at Chinese culture and celebration.

On the 23rd we will be joined by several of the Confucius Classroom Hubs who will be sharing what they have/are intending to do to welcome this new year and we hope that you can join us too and let us know what you are doing in your classrooms across Scotland to mark this event. Even if you do not have anything to share why not join us anyway and find out more about the Year of the Dragon? Sign up and join us on the 23rd January.

On the 6th February we will be continuing the programme with a special event live from the Glasgow Film Festival entitled King of Masks. Through Glow Meet you can watch the live introduction to the film and take part in a workshop with Chinese opera singer and Ricefield workshop leader Fong Liu from St. Ninian’s High School who will be dressed in full Chinese costume. You can also obtain your own free DVD of the film to watch in school that day as well. Find out more about this event and how to get your free DVD in Glow TV.

Finally on the afternoon of the 6th February join us for 龙年大吉 Good luck with the year of dragon – Close of Celebrations. This Glow Meet will be bringing to a close the Chinese New Year celebrations in Glow with a look at the Lantern Festival, a traditional Chinese festival since Han Dynasty more than 2000 years ago. We will have images from the event that took place on 20th January in Fife and also find out more about this from the Confucius Hubs. We also hope to hear from you too and what you have done to celebrate Chinese New Year in your school. Sign up and join us for this event.

You can also find related resources for 2012 – The Chinese Year of the Dragon on the Education Scotland website.

National No Smoking Day 14th March 2012

National no smoking day takes place on 14th March 2012. Register your no smoking day event by following the link below:


No Smoking Day was established as a national event on Ash Wednesday in 1984, and has grown in status and in impact over the past the 25 years.

No Smoking Day was originally organised by a committee of representatives from organisations with an interest in smoking and health. In 1988 No Smoking Day took on full time campaign staff and the Day continues to be organised by a small number of full time staff. No Smoking Day was registered as a charity in 1991 and in 2011 the charity was merged with the British Heart Foundation.

Since its inception, No Smoking Day has aimed to support those smokers who want to quit; research shows that around three in every four smokers would like to stop.

The success of the No Smoking Day is built on the commitment of local organisers throughout the UK. There are now over 8,000 registered campaigners for No Smoking Day and the charity circulates over 35,000 campaign packs each year.

The hard work of these dedicated organisers has helped ensure that No Smoking Day has remained the UK’s foremost public health event, with over a million people making a quit attempt every year.

Engineering Education Scheme Residential

Last week I was invited along to the Engineering Education Scheme (run by EDT), Residential Workshop at the University of Strathclyde. At the residential S5/6 learners from around 15 schools across Scotland were brought together, along with engineers, teachers and engineering support from the University in a supportive environment in order to design prototype solutions to the industrial problem set by a company.

The Engineering Education Scheme in England & Scotland is an EDT Programme which links teams of four  S5/S6 learners and their teachers with local companies to work on real, scientific, engineering and technological problems.

The scheme provides learners with an in-depth experience in science, engineering and technology that will enable them to make an informed decision about their future studies and career.

This will be achieved by giving the learners, in a 6 month programme;

  • Hands-on work experience as part of a team
  • Experience of problem solving, working on a project that is relevant to a local company
  • Use of a university’s engineering workshops to develop, build and test solutions to the problem
  • Professional skills lectures on Communications (written, verbal and visual) and Project Management
  • The opportunity to develop technical skills and see school physics, chemistry, technology etc applied in an industrial environment
  • An opportunity to meet professional and graduate engineers, scientists and technologists
  • Experience in presenting their solution, in a formal verbal presentation and formal written technical report, to a panel of senior professional engineers

During the six-month project phase, learners are encouraged to show industrial enterprise, creativity and innovation whilst gaining extensive experience of problem-solving, team-working and project management. Key life skills are developed within the context of the world of work.

Personal development education realised through work related learning is at the core of this high quality educational enrichment scheme. Find out how your school can get involved in the project.

Glow Meet: King of Masks – Part of Chinese New Year Celebrations

The King of Masks is a brilliant street performer who practices the change-mask opera art of bian lian. He laments that he has no grandchild to pass on his magical skills, so he adopts an orphan boy to become his apprentice. But the boy turns out not to be what he seems… A special film from China full of colour, fireworks and adventures!

On the day of the screening of the King of Masks live in Glasgow Glow TV be broadcasting the introduction to the event which lasts approximately 10 minutes. You are able to request a free DVD to watch along in the classroom during the live screening in Glasgow. To request your free DVD please contact matt@eightandahalf.org.

At 11.55am we will return live to Glasgow to take part in the live interactive workshop with Chinese opera singer and Ricefield workshop leader Fong Liu from St. Ninian’s High School who will be dressed in full Chinese costume. This workshop will last approximately 15-20 mins.


Why not sign up and join us on the day Don’t forget to request your free DVD! http://bit.ly/kingofmasksevent

Date and time: 06/02/2012 – 10:15am

Find out more on the Glasgow Film Festival Website

Tell us what you think of ‘On the Money’

Education Scotland, in partnership with Scottish Book Trust and Standard Life, is carrying out an evaluation of the ‘On the Money’ resource.

‘On the Money’ is a book of four stories by Theresa Breslin, Jonathan Meres, Nicola Morgan and Alison Prince, exploring issues of financial responsibility for children. It was distributed free to schools throughout Scotland and was also published as an online resource.

The main purpose of this evaluation is to help us decide how we take the project forward. Therefore we are looking for the views of practitioners who have used the resource with learners in educational establishments to provide us with evidence on which we can base our decision.

Please take 10 minutes to complete our online survey.

Your help is greatly appreciated, and in recognition of your support one lucky school will be picked at random from the respondents to receive a free visit from an author, organised by the Scottish Book Trust.

The deadline for responses is the end of this term.

(Please note, the online survey website contains adverts).

New Literacy across learning materials

New reading support materials for first and second levels and new Literacy across learning materials to support the third and fourth levels are now available on Glow.

First and second level materials

‘Reading to Learn; Learning to Read’ are new reading support materials to support first and second levels. They are now available in Glow: (Glow log-in required).

These materials include practical ideas to develop and support reading at first and second level, active learning strategies for teaching reading and a wide variety of approaches to support reading.

Specific areas covered include:

  • reciprocal reading.
  • hot-seating.
  • before, during and after reading activities.
  • the Thinking Reader.

Third and fourth level materials

New Literacy across learning materials to support the third and fourth levels are now available in Glow. (Glow log-in required).

These materials include information on:

  • practical strategies and ideas to develop literacy across learning
  • listening and talking strategies
  • writing across the curriculum
  • recording literacy across the curriculum
  • analysing moving image texts
  • reciprocal reading strategies
  • information literacy
  • Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy
  • links to additional resources.