Award in Volunteering Skills

The Award in Volunteering Skills at SCQF Levels 3, 4 and 5 provides formal recognition of volunteering activity. Through participation in volunteering activities, candidates will develop a range of skills and personal development experiences which will help to prepare them for responsibility, further education and employment.

Candidates learn about the context of volunteering; plan a volunteering placement; review and reflect on their own skills and volunteering experience; and complete an investigative project.

More information is available here.

Climate Change Debate on Glow

Glow meet 1 – Our changing weather and climate

2pm – 3:15pm, Monday 23rd January 2012

Click here to watch the Glow Meet Recording

What’s happening to our weather? Within days of autumn 2011 being declared the second warmest on record, Scotland was put on red alert and subsequently battered by severe flooding and hurricane force winds which forced much of our country to a standstill.

Is this weather just a random blip or is our weather and climate already changing? How can we accept the evidence for global warming when the last two Scottish winters were so cold? What’s the long-term forecast – sunny spells or scattered storms? In this the first in a series of three national Glow meets, learners will have a chance to voice their opinion and put weather and climate questions to Alex Hill, the MET Office’s Chief Advisor to the government in Scotland and Northern Ireland and former Head of the London Weather Centre.

Visit here to register, post your questions in advance and join the Glow meet on the day. This event is for learners in upper primary and secondary schools.

For resources and videos on climate change visit Weather and Climate Change and Exploring Climate Change and Climate Change on Glow.

 Other events in the series include:

Glow meet 2: Climate science – evidence versus controversy (30th Jan ‘12)

Glow meet 3: Adapting to climate change (6th Feb ’12)