Panda Competition Winners Announced!

Dual post from the Glow Scotland Blog.

Firstly, we would like to thank all schools who took part in our Panda leaflet competition. We were overwhelmed by the response we received, both in the sheer number of entries (which is why it has taken us so long to judge!) and in the standard of those entries.

We took into account how well the entries had met the competition’s requirements (a leaflet giving information about visiting them at the zoo) and the standard of information provided, as well as the overall design quality.

We really were most impressed with the entries and only wish we had more prizes to give out. Congratulations to everyone involved. We have also been very impressed with the number of comments on the blog and just how much interest has been shown in the topic. It clearly shows that pupils have been as excited about the arrival of Tian Tian and Yang Guang as we have. Well done! And Happy Chinese New Year to you all as well!

And now for the big news. Here are the winners:

Name Class School Prize
Ellis Stables P3 Kirkcowan Primary 1st– Panda and GTV T-shirt
Rory Crombie P6b St Joseph’s Primary 2nd– Panda and GTV T-shirt
Liam Eccleston P5 Caerlaverock School 3rd – Panda hat and GTV T-shirt
Ashley Leggat P4 Drumblade Primary 1st runner-up
Faye Jackson P7 Caerlaverock School 1st runner-up
Carine Bissett P6 Caerlaverock School 1st runner-up
Morgan Murray + Emma Barclay      P5 Goldenhill Primary 1st runner-up
Greig Sinclair   St Joseph’s Primary Runner-up
Dylan Bell Drummond   St Joseph’s Primary Runner-up
Eilidh Skinner   Whitdale Primary Runner-up
Amy Begbie   Whitdale Primary Runner-up
Ryan Conroy P5 St Joseph’s Primary Runner-up
Aoife Mclaughlin P6 St Joseph’s Primary Runner-up
Abbie Ribbens P4 Kirkcowan Runner-up
Amy Smith P3 Kirkcowan Runner-up
Archie Mortiboy P4 Kirkcowan Runner-up
Jy Guthrie P4 Barrshare Primary Runner-up
Zak Service P3 Kirkcowan Runner-up
Freya Coyle   Balbardie Primary Runner-up

*Please allow until next week to receive prizes. We will try to post some more of the entries here as time allows, but here is the winning entry, submitted by Ellis Stables of Kirkcowan Primary School. Ellis will receive the larger of the two pandas we picked up as well as a Glow TV T shirt and some sweeties. Well done, Ellis! We picked your entry because it was very informative, with just the kind of information we were looking for. We also choose Ellis as the overall winner because of the fact that it was a P3 entry and of such a high standard.

Rory PandasThe second prize goes to Rory Crombie from P6b at St Joseph’s Primary. Rory’s entry can be viewed by clicking the link here. Very high standard from Rory, with lots of information and quite a high degree of IT skills in preparing his document. Great work!

Runners up will receive a Glow TV T shirt from us and 1st runners up will receive a Glow TV T shirt as well as a small panda gift from the Edinburgh zoo gift shop.

Health and Wellbeing Showcase – Carnegie Conference Centre, Thursday 26th January 2012

The Health and wellbeing team are welcoming a hundred practitioners to the first of our Showcase events.  We have a packed day celebrating good practice across the health and wellbeing organisers.  There is marketplace where some of our partners are available to discuss how they can support schools and we have a keynote speech from Dr Rosemary Geddes, Research Fellow for the Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy at the Medical Research Council in Edinburgh.  Also Julie Wilson from Outdoor Learning will stimulate ideas about how schools can deliver health and wellbeing by taking the curriculum outside.  Click here to go the Outdoor Learning Blog for updates.

We hope our delegates gain a lot from the day and would encourage them to sign up to our HWB Community where we will share the presentations from the day and partner contact information.  Click here to sign up to the community.

Also don’t forget to join Education Scotland on Facebook and Twitter.