Get Involved at Edinburgh Zoo

Following on from the successful Hello Giant Pandas Glow Meet held at the end of December (remember you can still Watch Again if you missed it!) Edinburgh Zoo is pleased to highlight two events taking place there this term.

The first ‘Teaching Biodiversity with Beavers’ is a cross-curricular CPD training event for primary and secondary teachers. This session will look at how to bring biodiversity into the classroom with a range of curriculum-linked activities and to learn more about the first formal trial reintroduction of a mammal into the wild in Britain.

This event takes place on Friday 27th January from 12.30 – 4pm and includes a viewing of the Giant Pandas at 11.45am! You can find more details in the Sciences Glow Group.

The second event is a Global Classroom Conference at Edinburgh Zoo. The conference entitled, ‘Invasive Species Living with the alien threat’ is designed to support the new SQA Higher Biology syllabus. Join in for the 7th RZSS Global Classroom event and discover the impact of invasive non-native species on Scotland and the world’s biodiversity.

Looking at particular at:
What are invasives?
What impacts do they have on native wildlife? How do we control them?

This is a free event being held on Thursday 1st March. Find out more in the Sciences Glow Group.

Big Schools’ Birdwatch

Join the RSPB from 16-30th January 2012 and you’ll not only be taking part in the world’s biggest birdwatch, but also helping us monitor UK bird numbers.

Run every year, the Birdwatch is a free activity for all UK schools and youth groups. Little Schools’ Birdwatch is for 3-5 year olds, Big Schools’ Birdwatch is for 6-11 year olds and Really Big Schools’ Birdwatch is for 12-14 year olds.

To find out more about this competition click here.

Inspire! Competition

There is a competition for Home Economics teachers with prizes including a tutorial day in London with celebrity baker Paul Hollywood and £500 to re-equip the teacher’s school kitchen.

The Inspire! competition is looking to reward excellent teachers for delivering inspiring lessons which stimulate learning around one of the following areas:
-exploring a variety of different flour and grains;
-incorporating local ingredients;
-making the most of seasonal foods;
-celebrating bread making and/or cake making skills;
-baking for celebration events.
For more information about the competition, teachers can visit: