Young Scot – Climate Change and Sustainability: Community Action for a Sustainable Scotland

Young Scot is currently working on a project, in partnership with the 2020 Climate Group, around young people and climate change and sustainability.  As part of this they are developing an interactive map of Scotland which will highlight current activities within the ‘climate change and sustainability’ field for young people to take part in, in their local area. 

If you know of any relevant projects or activities (around climate change and sustainability) in your area for young people aged 14 to 26 years old please advise  Additionally, if you could send this information around your contacts/networks and ask them to contact Cat with any information.  This will help to ensure that as many projects/activities that operate at a local level are identified and put on the map.

Seafood Scotland Launches Schools Art Competition

Seafood Scotland has teamed up with the 6th World Fisheries Congress to offer a competition that encourages school children to learn more about the relationship between scientists and fisheries, and how this helps to protect the marine ecosystem.

High school and primary school pupils taking part in Seafood Scotland’s ‘Seafood in Schools’ pilot project are being asked to design a T-shirt for delegates at the Congress, which will be held in Edinburgh in May 2012. The design must illustrate the association between seafood and science.

Prizes for the competition are sponsored by Seafish and include £1000 worth of science equipment for the winning high school and £500 of equipment for the winning primary school.

The pupil responsible for the overall winning design will receive a presentation T-shirt at the Congress, followed by a VIP visit to Deep Sea World at South Queensferry. A runner-up will be presented with their own design on a T-shirt and also visit the aquarium.

Jon Harman, Seafish director of development, said: “Seafish is committed to improving awareness and understanding about the importance of the seafood industry amongst all consumers, young and old.

“This competition is a creative, innovative way of encouraging school children to get excited about fisheries and science, so we are delighted to offer our support.

“This is a great way to make learning fun, and to ensure that the pupils gain a sense of how science is being applied in real life to protect our marine ecosystem for the future.”

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101 apprenticeships in 100 days

Young Working Lives focuses on finding employment for work ready individuals between the ages of 16 to 25 that are not currently in education, employment or training.

The ‘101 apprenticeships in 100’ days is a challenge set by Stirling’s local More Choices More Chances Partnership to create 101 apprenticeship opportunities in 100 days.

100-in-101-groupThe challenge has been welcomed locally as well as being recognised by the Scottish Government. The launch event was attended by MSP Angela Constance, Scottish Government Minister for Youth Employment who commented; “I am thrilled and delighted to support the campaign. It is an excellent example of local partners and employers working together and giving young people a strong start to their working lives and I look forward to
hearing about the success of the campaign”

The ‘101 in 100’ programme is a great way to help fill current vacancies within a company and to ensure the workforce is appropriately skilled. It is also a great opportunity to support local young people who are ready and willing to work, but finding it difficult to compete against sometimes-higher skilled or more experienced applicants.

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South Ayrshire cook off

Councillor Hywel Davies, Lifelong Learning Portfolio Holder said: “These young people showed exceptional talent in the kitchen when they took part in the competition.

“South Ayrshire is known for great hospitality and wonderful places for residents and tourists to eat. Tourism plays a huge part in sustaining our local economy and ensuring we have outstanding people who can create new dishes, put a modern twist on traditional ones and cater for all tastes in future years is very important.

“The competition called for the students to use literacy and numeracy skills combined with their flair and talent for culinary creation.

“Cooking is a skill that will stay with these young people for life, whether they become professional caterers or enter another profession, the knowledge they have gained will be of great use to them.”

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