101 apprenticeships in 100 days

Young Working Lives focuses on finding employment for work ready individuals between the ages of 16 to 25 that are not currently in education, employment or training.

The ‘101 apprenticeships in 100’ days is a challenge set by Stirling’s local More Choices More Chances Partnership to create 101 apprenticeship opportunities in 100 days.

100-in-101-groupThe challenge has been welcomed locally as well as being recognised by the Scottish Government. The launch event was attended by MSP Angela Constance, Scottish Government Minister for Youth Employment who commented; “I am thrilled and delighted to support the campaign. It is an excellent example of local partners and employers working together and giving young people a strong start to their working lives and I look forward to
hearing about the success of the campaign”

The ‘101 in 100’ programme is a great way to help fill current vacancies within a company and to ensure the workforce is appropriately skilled. It is also a great opportunity to support local young people who are ready and willing to work, but finding it difficult to compete against sometimes-higher skilled or more experienced applicants.

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