The online CPD keeps a-coming!

Happy New Year by Ekhinoz on Flickr ccHappy New Year to all our CPD community readers!

This is just a brief post to let you know that the online CPD offerings from the CPD communities and Glow TV get started again next week.

Monday 16th Jan at 4pm. CPDMeet43 – Maths and interdisciplinary learning.

This one is brought to you from the Numeracy Team on behalf of the CPDStepin community. More details at

More online CPD including challenges, thought-pieces, Journey to Excellence resources and recorded CPDMeets at

By the way, CPDMeet43 comes ‘made-to-measure’ from a suggestion by a member of the CPDStepin community through our CPDRequest service. Any member of a Glow CPD community can order their own, free online CPD!

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New Case Studies Published on NAR

Education Scotland has worked with a range of establishments to publish new case studies on the National Assessment Resource (NAR). These case studies focus on the process of recognising achievement, profiling and reporting.

All of Scotland’s local authorities were involved in developing these materials, which reflect the local flexibility that schools and local authorities have in developing their processes, in line with the guidance provided by Building the Curriculum 5. The materials cover the early years, primary, secondary and ASN sectors and all have been through a national quality assurance and moderation process.

Support materials are available to help practitioners find their way around NAR and include videos of teachers and headteachers talking about their experiences of NAR, step-by-step video guides on how to get the most from using NAR, and a downloadable User manual and poster.

On NAR, and on the Education Scotland website, you will find information on assessment, quality assurance and moderation, all of which are integral to planning learning and teaching.

You can access these new case studies by focus by selecting ‘Aspects of Assessment’ under ‘Browse’ within NAR. You will need to login to NAR with your Glow login or through SQA Connect.

Consultation “Speak Out for LGB people in school”

A survey is being carried out by researchers in the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge for Stonewall UK. This survey is for young people in England, Scotland and Wales who are aged 11 to 19 and who are lesbian, gay or bisexual (or think they might be). The survey is about their experiences in school or college: Five years ago Stonewall carried out the first big study about LGB young people’s experiences at school: this survey is intended to discover if things have changed, and what action still needs to done to make things better.