Holocaust Memorial 2012

Glow is proud to host two events to celebrate Holocaust Memorial 2012, which this year is on Friday 27th January.

The first is a live event from Eastern Primary in Dundee on Tuesday 24th January at 1.30pm. During this Glow Meet the Primary 7 pupils will be meeting those involved in the book and flim ‘Hana’s Suitcase’. This amazing story tells of how a suitcase arrived at a children’s Holocaust Education Center in Tokyo, Japan in March 2000 with Hana Brady written on the outside. Children who saw the suitcase on display were full of questions and the director decided to find the answers. The book and the subsequent film tells us what she found out!

At the event we will meet Fumiko, the director at the Holocaust Education Centre in Tokyo and Lara, George Brady’s daughter who also appeared in the film. George Brady, Hana’s brother will also be speaking and finally Larry Weinstein who made the film will be joining us in Dundee.

There will be plenty opportunity for questions for everyone as well. Sign up and join us on the day.

Finally on Thursday 26th January we will join the official Holocaust Memorial Event – Scotland 2012 live from the Caird Hall in Dundee. This event organised by ‘Speak Up Speak Up’ encourages young people to consider what they see and hear around them, and to use their voices to Speak Up against hatred and discrimination. The full programme and the opportunity to sign up and join in on the day is available in Glow TV.