BGE Drama

S1 and S2 Drama

In S1 and S2 Drama, pupils will learn about:

  • Developing Character
  • Movement
  • Drama Conventions
  • Rehearsal Activities
  • Script work

S3 Drama

Our S3 Drama course is an exciting, practical, challenging and creative course which builds on, and extends the core Drama and Theatre Skills which you experienced and developed in S1 and S2.

  • Creative Drama
    • This area of the course gives you lots of opportunities to develop your own creative ideas. You will be involved in developing scenarios, building characters and working through voice and movement skills, including mime and improvisation skills. In addition, you will have the opportunity to devise and direct your own drama to be performed in front of an audience. 
  • Theatre Skills 
    • This work provides you with lots of activities which allow you to explore and experiment with acting, costume, props, stage make-up, lighting and sound.  These will be studied in theory and then through practical activities.  All pupils will have the opportunity of working in all theatre areas.
  • Production
    • This area will involve taking a devised drama and a scripted drama through to the stage of a professional production.  All the skills you have learn in Creative Drama and in Theatre Skills will come together in this Production Unit. 
  • Learning and Teaching 
    • Although there are very specific outcomes, experiences and assessment practices for each of these areas of study, teaching and learning will be integrated and aspects of all three Units will be taught concurrently.  
  • Theatre Visits and workshops (if applicable) will also be part of this course work. 
  • Pupils will have the opportunity to be involved in special Drama or Theatre projects that run out with class time. They will also have the opportunity to help with designs and directions for school events.  

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