100 by 100 Fundraiser

To enable the Arts and Creativity Faculty at Dumfries Academy invest in creative resources to prepare pupils for creative careers, we are reaching out to our community to help us with fundraising.

We are aiming to curate 100 pieces of artwork created by 100 gifted art pupils, past and present. We are asking our artists to use 100 minutes of their time to create an artwork which will be used to support our request for donations to the Arts and Creativity faculty to invest in new equipment and instruments for the Art, Drama and Music departments as well as our school shows.

As Dumfries Academy has a long and celebrated history as part of Dumfries town centre; we have offered a lot to the local cultural landscape for generations and our subjects have been proud to support the beginning of many careers in the Arts of people who began their craft in our classrooms. We are hoping that those individuals and local businesses will be in a position to give back to the school to help us purchase the items we need to replace broken and outmoded equipment.

Our curated artworks will be recorded into a digital archive and reproduced for a special exhibition but the original works will go to 100 identified businesses.

We will have both an online and in person exhibition to celebrate the work and the fundraiser. We also hope to have a silent auction of artwork donated by Art Teachers and patrons of the school during a special gala evening in June.

All monetary donations will be collected on our ‘Gofundme’ page.

So, how can you help?

We are looking for our Artists! If you would be willing to create artwork for us, and you are/were a pupil OR if you are a past teacher, practising artist or someone who is in a position to offer artwork to the silent auction, please reach out through DM to the Dumfries Academy Events Page and Mrs Murray will get back to you.

The artwork created by the 100 can be anything! It could be drawing, painting, collage, print, or photography and within any genre such as still life, landscape, figurative etc. To make it relevant we suggest following a ‘Dumfries and Galloway’ theme. So, perhaps a painting of a Galloway Beltie or a still life drawing of a bottle of Whisky from our local distillery! We’d be so grateful for anything you can do.

We hope that 100 businesses would be willing/able to contribute. To continue the theme, our suggested donation is £100. Are you a business that can help? Please click here to fill out a short form. You will receive one letter only containing your artwork and an invitation to our fundraising gala – you will not receive any marketing or cold calls etc. We would be delighted to include you.

Thanks for reading this far and considering any support you can offer

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