Fairtrade School

What is Fairtrade?

The term Fairtrade means that farmers and producers in less economically developed countries receive a fair price for the goods they produce.

Our Fairtrade Committee

The Fairtrade Committee exists to spread awareness about the importance of Fairtrade and promote the use of Fairtrade products, where possible, within school. Our committee is currently working towards the Fair Achiever Award, organised by the Fairtrade Foundation. If we achieve the award we will become a fully accredited Fairtrade School.

Fairtrade Committee is open to all pupils in S1-S6!

Fairtrade Committee Members are responsible for the following:

  • Creating an Action Plan that details what the Fairtrade Committee hopes to achieve within school and how they plan to achieve it!
  • Organise and deliver assemblies on Fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight
  • Organise a Fairtrade event during Fairtrade Fortnight
  • Run a Fairtrade Tuckshop within school once a week
  • Measure the impact of the Fairtrade Committee within school


What you gain:

  • Confidence
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Skills for employment such as cash handling
  • Responsibility

If you would like to join the Fairtrade Committee, please meet in Miss Bone’s Classroom in M5 on Tuesday at morning interval. We would love to see you there!