Languages & Literacy


  • Ms L Berman (Modern Languages Teacher)
  • Dr J Gordon (DHT & English Teacher
  • Ms M Kell (Principal Teacher and English & Media Teacher)
  • Ms J Kerr (Modern Languages Teacher)
  • Miss L King (English Teacher)
  • Mr G Leonard (Head of Year S2 & 5 & English Teacher)
  • Mr S Powell (English Teacher)
  • Mr C Scade (English Teacher)
  • Mrs Paterson-Urquhart (English & Media Teacher)
  • Mrs C Wilson ( Head of Year S1 & 4 & Modern Languages Teacher)
  • Mrs A Wallace (Library Assistant)

Literacy Across Learning

What is literacy?
“The set of skills which allows an individual to engage fully in society and in learning, through the different forms of language, and the range of texts, which society values and finds useful.” (CFE Principles and practice paper: Literacy across learning)

In short, ‘Literacy’ encompasses the development of skills in:
• Reading
• Writing
• Talking
• Listening

During their time at the Academy, pupils will be encouraged to develop their ability to use these skills effectively, both in the classroom and in different places, with different people. It is the responsibility of all teaching staff to promote and develop these skills as part of their lessons.

Literacy activities pupils may encounter all over the curriculum include: spelling, proof reading, editing, redrafting, note making, presenting, listening, discussing, researching, reading and writing. They will encounter a range of texts to read, such as: books, magazines, comics, posters, graphs, charts, tables, films, adverts, computer games, websites, phone apps, radio shows, podcasts and speeches. They will also receive regular opportunities to practice writing in different genres and develop their skills in talking and listening.

The promotion of literacy skills will help pupils develop their skills for learning, life and work.

Library Resource Centre

The Library Resource Centre is available for use for all subjects, but is most regularly used by the Language & Literacy faculty.

S1-3 pupils attend for one period a week to focus on developing their reading skills. Pupils work to attain their bronze, silver or gold reading awards by completing a range of tasks on books of their own choice. They also undertake lessons in research skills.

Mrs Wallace, the school library assistant, is always available to help pupils choose suitable books. The Library Resource Centre is also open at interval and lunch for pupils to read, play games, or complete homework.

Faculty Gallery