Pupil Leadership

Our student body is led by our pupil leadership team. This is comprised of a head boy, head girl and two deputies.

Candidates for these roles go through a rigorous selection process to ensure that the successful candidates are young people who embody our school aims and values. Successful candidates are responsible for upholding these values across the school.

Pupil leaders are selected by the staff and pupils of the school.


Head Boy: Kerr Leonard
Head Girl: Morven Terrace
Deputy Head Boy: Isaac Hulme
Deputy Head Girl: Heather McKean

Left to right: Isaac Hulme (Deputy Head Boy), Kerr Leonard (Head Boy), Morven Terrace (Head Girl), Heather McKean (Deputy Head Girl).

To assist the pupil leadership team in their duties, we also have prefects:

Murray Paterson, Taylor Johnston, Skye Allan, Drew Finnie, Craig McWilliam, Thomas McClure, Rebecca McNeish, Reilly Black, Derry Langan, Heather Teasdale, Louise Taperell, Aimee Kirk, Joseph Johnstone, Lucy Begg, Maison Dunn, Teri Smith, Leyla Anderson, Jessica Howat, Alex Bryden, Tony Ho, Abiya Subin, Ellie Galligan, Kim Ritchie, Emily Jahn, Sarah Pennycook

Previous Pupil Leadership Teams



Head Boy: Gregor Brown
Head Girl: Eve Marchbank
Deputy Head Boy: Archie Donald
Deputy Head Girl: Rosie Harper

Prefects: Callie Robertson, Erin MacFarlane, Hannah Green, Ellie Jackson, Molly Rankin, Aiden Mason, Rob Millar, Evie McKie, Lanna Bryden, Imogen Walker, Lewis Holland, Daidy Dalzell, Ishbel Currie, Freya McRoberts, Harry Blair, Hugo Smith, Rebecca Dalgleish, Kyra Rutherford, Hannah Eden, Beth Milligan, Katie Kilpatrick, Kady Wallace, Finlay Rowe, Jorja Lindsay, Laura Smith


Head Boy: Thomas Harper
Head Girl: Allison Brown
Deputy Head Boy: James Scriven
Deputy Head Girl: Lilly Martin

Prefects: Aidan Barclay, Emily Bonnar, Niamh Crossan, Zoe Hamilton, Layla Loy, Rory MacLeod, Rebecca Macnair, Ellie Maxwell, Holly McCormick, Daytona Morrison, Eve Penman, Yasmin Robinson, Abi Roebuck, Hasnan Saleem, Hannah Torrance


Head Boy: Matthew Turner
Head Girl: Eve Brown
Deputy Head Boy: Finlay Patterson
Deputy Head Girl: Charlotte Green


Head Boy: Conall Anderson
Head Girl: Emma McDonald
Deputy Head Boy: Ross Whalen
Deputy Head Girl: Cara McGregor

Prefects: Katie O’Brian, Kirsty Irving, Leah Cameron, Emma McGregor, Kirsty Adamson, Brooke McDowall, Rebecca Wilson, Chloe Duff, Eilidh Clemie, Emma Walter, Cheyanne Barbour, Samantha Garton, Matthew Jenkins, Rhea Donaldson, Euan Griffiths, Aiden Cloy


Head Boy: Jack Flower
Head Girl: Lauren Rice
Deputy Head Boy: Jamie Marchbank
Deputy Head Girl: Harley Kirk


Head Boy: Ahmed Elsheikh
Head Girl: Katie Watson
Depute Head Boy: Matthew McBride
Depute Head Girl: Kelsey Garton


Head Boy: James Wilson
Head Girl: Megan McIsaac
Deputy Head Boy: Hamish Williams
Deputy Head Girl: Alannah Creasey

Prefects: Keira Williamson, Katie Mundell, Anna Brown, Qamar Un-Nisa, Amy Kirkpatrick, Alex Hume, Morgan McChesney, Caitlin Bemis, Ellen Gardiner, Morgan Love, Amy Turnbull, Kyle Bartlet, Amy Turnbull, Alex McDowall, Christian Morrison’ Sally Logan, Emily Thomson, Lucy Martin, Ruairidh McRoberts, Fraser McFadyen, Henry Sharp, Ross Hair and Lauryn Dyke