Placement Provider Overview

Ecole Romain Rolland

Nature of Organisation

The organisation was a French Primary school, the school was called Romain Rolland and was situated half an hour from the city centre. I was only in the CM2 class therefore i had one teacher and one classroom that i was based in. As i progressed through the placement I found myself working the the three CP classes.

In France students go through five years of University before qualifying. They specialise in a subject before moving on to the pedagogical part of the degree.


The French education system is very different from the system we have in Scotland. Schooling France consists of various cycles, not primaries like we have. Cycle 1 is what we recognise as nursery, this stage is known as ‘Maternelle’. This is an optional level that children can attend between the ages of two and six.

In France, children begin school at age six, this differs to Scotland as some start as early as four years old in the mainstream school system. The second cycle is called ‘Primarie’ which is from the final year of nursery and the first two years of primary school. This is compulsory for all. The school week consists of four and a half days. On Wednesdays it is a half day meaning that school finishes at half past eleven. Primary school in France is also structured differently regarding the stages. In Scotland we begin at primary 1 and progress through to primary 7. The stages in France are CP (6-7), CE1 (7-8), CE2 (8-9), CM1 (9-10) and CM2 (10-11). Cycle three is from CE2 to CM2. During my time in Orléans I will be working with a CM2 class which is the equivalent of a primary six/seven in Scotland. Education in France is also compulsory between this ages of 6 and 16. This is similar to Scotland.

Teacher and their role

Amélie Zech – CM2

Emilie Pasquer (Supply) – CM2

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